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Coping with Mental Health Challenges

Edited by Mikkel Hyldebrandt The LGBTQ community often faces unique mental health challenges due to societal stigma, discrimination, and the internal struggle of self-acceptance. It's...

Embracing Winter Vibes

Edited by Mikkel Hyldebrandt Winter has indeed come, bringing with it chilly evenings and darker days. While it's tempting to hibernate under layers of blankets,...

Rules to Eat By

By Darren Floro-Bryant Growing up, I was a chubby, awkward kid; I was constantly made fun of for my weight by friends, family, and strangers....

PrEP Advocate Damon L. Jacobs Gets Real (and Naked) in Splashy Web Series

By Neal BrovermanPhoto courtesy Damon L. Jacobs “What do you like about your body?” That’s typically one of the first questions that therapist, life coach, author,...

8 Lifestyle Hacks for a Consistent 2023

By Jay Knowlton Did you know that only 28% of Americans plan to make a New Year’s resolution? If you’re one of them - congratulations!...

10 Tips to Prepare for a 10K

Edited by Mikkel Hyldebrandt Photos by Joshua Menken Models: Thomas Barker, Jamel Grooms, Jason Traylor, Nikole Glaug, DJ Pulce, Chris Scandrett , Lance Hornecker , Kyle...


New Faces April @ Friends on Ponce

Photos: Russell Bowen-Youngblood

Bear Pride Kickoff @ Woofs Atlanta

Photos: Russell Bowen-Youngblood

For The Kid In All Of Us Beer Bust @ Atlanta Eagle

Photos: Russell Bowen-Youngblood

Rainbow Trouts Carwash @ Atlanta Eagle

Photos: Russell Bowen-Youngblood

An Unsung Community Hero: Russell Bowen-Youngblood

By Mikkel HyldebrandtAll Photos by Russ Bowen-Youngblood Introducing our new...