A Unique Fitness Journey

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt


A shared passion for fitness and the desire to create an inclusive and inviting environment for anyone to pursue their individual fitness goals brought Mike Yadach and Darren Floro-Bryant together to create a unique concept.


Give us a little background about Gravity Fitness and Foundation Fitness?

Mike: Gravity has been a gym of choice within our community now for over ten years. Since inception, Gravity has and continues to encourage people of all abilities to get fit and improve their well-being with a focus on fitness, wellness, classes and fitness training.

Darren: Foundation Fitness was created to provide people access to quality fitness instruction/guidance in a welcoming all-inclusive, non-intimidating group environment. Our primary focus is to provide this service at an affordable price without sacrificing quality, care, and attention to safety. All of the Foundation Fitness trainers share a passion for health and fitness, and we all bring different experiences into the classes.


You have come up with a pretty unique fitness concept by combining the two – tell us about that?

Darren: Gravity was in the process of finding ways to evolve in the ever-changing fitness field and saw an opportunity to combine the popularity and comfort of a boutique gym with a well-established big warehouse gym. It provides existing members and potential new members a choice in an environment that can sometimes feel intimidating. It also offers convenience because it allows people to experience variety in one location.

Mike:  A few years ago, as I finished my workout, I asked several trainers and members what could Gravity do better. The feedback I received over the many weeks was terrific – some good, some not so good and some, I would have needed to win the lottery to make it happen. It was then I learned about Darren and what he wanted to accomplish.  From our first meeting, Darren and I knew we both had something terrific to offer that would complement each of our passions as well as a benefit for all members. It has now been over a year, and Foundation Fitness is a solid addition to Gravity.


How would you describe the fitness landscape today? How has it changed?

Darren: The fitness landscape today is very diverse. More than ever a lot more people are adding some sort of fitness practice into their lives. Health and wellness will always be a part of the fabric of fitness, but now, more than ever, quality of life is predominant. But also, easy access and efficiency are major factors.  We all know that the fast fix is appealing to people, so fitness individuals and companies are continually trying to find ways to make fitness routines as efficient as possible while still maximizing results.

Mike: The fitness landscape may evolve with various fads and trends; however there is a constant that will remain the same: People will continue to aim for a healthier lifestyle through exercise. Thanks to media awareness and good publications, there is a lot of information about exercise available today. Members are becoming more discerning when it comes to their health. When they come into the gym, they are educated consumers. We are fortunate enough to offer everything through Gravity and Foundation Fitness under one roof.


What is the secret to a successful fitness regimen?

Darren: This is hard to answer. We all know that fitness routines and goals are very personal and there are hundreds of articles and opinions out there providing the benefits and offering tips and tricks to help you stay “in it.” I think that finding something that YOU enjoy is key, but even that can be tricky because it also needs to involve time, convenience, results, and growth. So for me, I try to help people appreciate their bodies and understand that it’s progress, not perfection.

Mike: A successful fitness regimen is different for each individual. The fitness journey is personal and has a value that is different from person to person. However, for me, a successful fitness regimen would be one of the results.  Something that makes you appreciate “you.” A continuous journey that opens up new ideas and fitness experiences that help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Check out gravgymatlanta.com and foundationfitness.co for more information.




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