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Big Gay Valentine’s Gift Guide 2021

Sweet, special, and sexy surprises to treat yo’self and the LGBTQ-ties in your life on this very different V-Day.

by Mikey Rox | Photos: PR

Athleisure Pleaser

fivebyfive athleisure brand’s Origin tank tops are made from sustainable bamboo while its Purpose collection tanks, tees, and shorts are comprised of 100% recycled post-consumer plastic. All items are ethically produced in facilities that have a proven track record of safe and fair labor practices and packaged in recycled materials so when you break a sweat you’re helping save the planet. $45-$59, fivebyfive.cc

Cirque du Tittay

Bring sexy back to your bedroom with the rainbow-sequined reusable-silicon pasties from Body Body that are so cheerful and entertaining that even Janet would approve. $13.20; bodybody.com

Booze-Free Bevvies

If Dry January did a body good, extend the respite into deeper winter – without completely depriving yourself. Crystal-infused wine alternative Rock Grace promotes beauty, energy, and wellness in a non-alcoholic rosé that’s all natural, calorie and sugar free, while Hairless Dog Brewing offers mixed cases for suds lovers who crave that satisfying beer taste sans the bloat. $25, rockgrace.com; $44, drinkhairlessdog.com

Erotic Embroidery

Your S.O. carry a gallery-worthy weapon between his, her, or their legs? Immortalize and celebrate it on your own hall walls with detailed cross-stitched hoops embellished with vibrant beading handmade by artist Andrew Emel and available on Etsy at StitchedPeensShop. NSFW photos of finished commissions @stitched_peens on Instagram. $100+; etsy.com/shop/stitchedpeensshop

Wild Fires

Each of Wildwood Candle Co.’s nine USA-sourced, vegan scents represents different trails found throughout Portland, Oregon’s Forest Park, the longest of which is the company’s namesake. Specific trail details andGPS coordinates are listed under each scent’s description so adventurous couples (or thruples – we don’t judge around here) can find and explore that trail in person someday. Five-percent of profits are donated to the Forest Park Conservancy. $28, wildwoodcandleco.com

Hello Dolly

Created by designer Lucie Kaas, this adorable collection of gay icons as Japanese kokeshi dolls will delight discerning art lovers and kids-at-heart alike. The armless wooden sculptures popular in Asian culture star a number of your favorite LGBTQ champions and pioneers including Elton John, Coco Chanel, David Bowie, Anna Wintour, Andy Warhol, Jackie O., and many more. $54-$109, luciekaas.com

Say-Anything Socks

Pique the curiosity of cute cruisers-by in Gumball Poodle’s statement crew socks that give a glimpse into your playful personality. With conversation-starting styles like “I Don’t Wear Underwear,” “Daddy,” “Hung,” and “I’d Rather Be Naked,” you’ll have a couple legs up on the competition – god willing. $6-$13, gumballpoodle.com

Literary Blooms

Upcycled pages of your favorite classic books that can no longer be donated or sold are turned into lifelike paper roses that never die. Literary Blooms bestsellers include Pride and Prejudice, Alice in Wonderland, Agatha Christie novels, Anne of Green Gables, Sherlock Holmes, and the works of William Shakespeare. The Icons Collection features flowers fashioned from books covering Judy, Cher, Marilyn, and Audrey. $23-$73, literaryblooms.com

Spill the Tea

TITteas may sound like a inflated brand name but 5% of each order goes directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, so you’re not only feeding your own soul with a hot cup, you’re also sipping your way to saving lives. A free tea ball infuser is included with your first order with email-list signup. $5-$15, titteas.com

Fit for a Queen

Oh no she better don’t… forget to subscribe to the Drag Society quarterly boxes curated by a celebrity queen and filled to the brim with her handpicked products. Current box features Mayhem Miller-approved merch, including fashion accessories, cosmetics and tools, collectible enamel pin, signed photo, and more. Yas, gawd, your drag-obsessed henny will love it. $50 quarterly, dragsociety.com

Fearless Bracelet

Alex and Ani’s rainbow “Fearless” bracelet in shiny gold lets would-be harassers know straight out the gate that the 100% That Bitch who’s wearing it is an out-and-proud champion of kickin’ ass and takin’ names. $28.50, alexandani.com

Netflix & Chilled

Social-distancing protocol may keep you away from bars and restaurants this V-Day, so make the most of a romantic night in. Plum’s wine appliance holds two standard bottles of vino, automatically identifies varietals using artificial intelligence, chills each bottle to its ideal serving temperature, and preserves wine for 90 days. But you hostin’ happy hour, not amateur hour. $2,499, shop.plum.wine


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