Connecting the Dots

By Jamie Kirk


Feel like you would like to be more balanced? Do you feel like something is missing? Do you often feel like there is a disconnect in you? Do you get that nagging feeling that something is missing? If these questions are looming in your head and your heart, intermittently or frequently; it sounds like you need to do a connect exercise.


A connection exercise is really being able to align your mind, body, and spirit. Bringing balance and peace to your life by not allowing any area to be compromised. A connection of the mind, body, and spirit ensures that you remain focused, you are making great choices, and you are able to silence the noise that everyday living can bring. Let’s break them down one for one.


Ensuring the Mind Is Connected

Simply put, it’s thinking thoughts you only want to manifest. It’s keeping your head focused on positive thoughts and ensuring that you are solely focused on being present. Not robbing your current situation by reflecting on things that have happened, things that may occur and things that may never happen. Our lives will play out just as we think they should. If we believe uplifting and powerful thoughts, uplifting and powerful karma shall be sent our way.


Ensuring the Body Is Connected

Treat the body as a temple. It’s honoring our body by appreciating even the smallest of movements. Many people believe that honoring your body means hitting up the gym, or cycling, or doing yoga. The true definition of honoring your body means that you are listening to it. Pushing yourself a bit beyond your limit, but also being able to know when you need to rest and take a break. Our bodies are machines, and that means they break down if they are not properly maintained.


Ensuring the Spirit Is Connected

Believe in whatever works for you. For me, unequivocally it is God. He is the center of my joy. Believing in God grants me peace beyond my understanding. But I think that if praying to a rock gives you peace, do it. If meditation or fasting or being a vegan gives you a sense of fulfillment – do it.  Do whatever works. I genuinely believe that the ability to believe in something bigger than ourselves is a key component of having peace in our daily lives. Whatever or whomever you decide to honor, make sure that you are consistent and intentional.  Don’t waffle, stand firm in your belief system and make sure it works for YOU, not your neighbor, not your friends, but YOU.


At the end of the day (I love that saying), we cannot expect to have a clear head, if we are not honoring our bodies and do not have faith in something bigger than ourselves.  We cannot expect to have a banging body if we have a cluttered head and don’t believe in someone or something other than our own abilities. We cannot expect to live guilt-free and at peace, if we don’t exercise and continually have thoughts of disharmony and discord.


Let’s all do a better job, or at least try to do a better job of aligning all three, honoring all three and ultimately connecting all three to live our best life – today, tomorrow and for as long as the hairs on our heads are numbered.


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