By Darren Floro-Bryant


We’ve all experienced it; there’s that one person at the gym doing your biggest pet peeve!  What was it?  Dropping the weights and causing a gym-quake? Chatting loudly on Facetime and you can hear both sides of the conversation? Popping a pimple in the mirror? I understand!  Unfortunately, we’ve all had to deal with someone forgetting their gym manners at one point or another and maybe, by spreading the word, we can eliminate a few of the more common offenses. 


Every gym or fitness facility has their own set of rules and procedures that we are meant to follow, but even larger than that are the universal rules and procedures that are commonly known between all fitness facilities – or they should be!


Below I’ve listed some universal understandings that should be applied to all areas of the gym or fitness facility. This list outlines a few reminders to be practiced when we’re at the gym to ensure we all have the best experience possible.


  1. Put It Back!

Put your weights/equipment away when you’re done with it; why should others be left to clean up after you?  Don’t assume that the next person will be (or even can) lift the weights you’re using.  Putting what you’ve used away is not only the right thing to do, but by doing this, it encourages others to do the same.


  1. No Phone Zone!

Stay off your phone or limit your texting or phone conversations.  Nobody needs to know you and your mother are fighting right now and that it is disrupting your life. Guess what? You’re disrupting everyone else’s workout.  Even worse than the phone is FaceTime’ing; double the conversation!  If you have to be on the phone while at the gym, please remember to keep it down and respect the others around you.  Don’t sit on a piece of equipment that others could be using.  Better yet, step off the gym floor and wrap up your conversation without disrupting everyone else.


  1. No Sweat!

Wiping down benches or equipment when you’re finished with them helps prevent spreading illness and germs. Most fitness facilities provide either towels and cleaning supplies to help with this task. Not only is it polite to do when you are done but sets a good example for others to follow.


  1. Learn To Share!

If you are doing multiple sets or supersets throughout the gym, allow the equipment you are using to be utilized by others while you are resting or away from the equipment.  Allowing others to “work-in” with you creates a better experience for everyone at the gym, especially during peak, congested times.

  1. Was That An Earthquake?

Don’t drop your weights; it is disruptive and sometimes startling. Don’t get me wrong; from time to time there will be a situation where the weight you have lifted needs to be dropped because you have either fatigued or it is not safe to place it down, but these situations are not the norm.  Also, there is a clear difference between dropping the weights and throwing the weights. Regardless, this should be avoided as much as possible. Dropping weights can damage the equipment, the gym floor, or possibly another individual.


  1. Do You Hear What I Hear?

Use earphones to listen to music while on the gym floor instead of blasting your tunes through a speaker. Whether it’s Britney (bitch), Metallica, or your favorite needlepoint podcast, not everyone shares your taste in music or motivational musings.  What works for you may not work for others, so plug it in or turn it off.


  1. What’s That Smell?

We’re all hot and sweaty so out of respect for each other; please use deodorant.  The same rule applies to cologne.  Too much of anything is not always a good thing.


  1. Do You Have To Do That There?

Be mindful of your surroundings and those around you.  If there is an exercise that you need to perform that may interfere with the flow of the gym, try to find a low-traffic area.  If others are nearby, be courteous and let them know your plan.



Don’t be the one everyone is Facebooking about. Practice your gym manners and lead by example.


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