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Introducing Your Boyfriend To His First Circuit Party

By Branden Lee


The gay world can be a scary place. Many guys are intimidated and afraid of the thought of being surrounded by other gays. It can be difficult to introduce your new man into the gay world when you’re used to gay clubs, gay events, and circuit parties, and he’s not. Here are some tips for getting your man ready for all the fun gay parties this summer.


Outfits Help Build Confidence.

You’ve got to make sure your man fits into the theme of the party. Go shopping for sexy speedos for an upcoming pool party, or go out and buy new harnesses for a leather party. There are so many different types of gay events going on, and it’s always fun to play dress up. Making your man find something he looks and feels sexy in will give him the confidence to become a social butterfly at whatever event you end up at.




Remain By His Side.

It’s scary being in a new place alone. Especially if you’re dating someone that knows everyone and is well known in the gay world. Your man could be intimidated by your popularity, so make sure not to leave him behind. Introduce him to everyone, and make sure he feels seen as well. No man wants to feel like he’s in his boyfriend’s shadow, plus you’ll have to teach him all the behind the scenes gossip, and warn him who to avoid.




Give Him Freedom to Explore.

Not too much freedom unless you’re in an open relationship. Still, give your man a chance not to feel smothered or like he’s your child and you have to hold his hand the entire time. He is an adult. If he wants to walk around and see what’s going on, let him. He’s learning about this world for the first time just like you did once. Let him have fun.


Don’t Feel Insecure.

It can be scary introducing your man to the gay world. Guys are going to hit on your man. Guys will try to steal your man. Be confident in yourself. Be confident in your relationship. Trust your man. Introducing your man to the gay scene is adding a new dimension to your relationship which could go either good or bad. Be prepared for either outcome.

Branden Lee is a writer and actor living in Atlanta. Follow Branden on Instagram and Twitter @Brandeness. Watch Branden on his YouTube channel SexxxPerTease.


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