Spring Fling – Do Something Crazy

By Jamie Kirk


It’s about that time again. That time of year by which we can stop feeling guilty about not going to the gym when we should have. Feeling guilty about avoiding going home for the holidays, because we told our relatives we had to work or couldn’t afford it.  No more guilt around not eating healthy, cleaning out the closets, taking the dog to obedience school, etc. Let thy guilt go away.


Now is the perfect time to start with a clean slate and refresh, renew, re-think and revisit some of the goals we set. The goals we should have set. And more importantly the goals we ARE going to set as we gear up for the middle of the year (I know even as I wrote that it felt odd).


I think this is a great time to really re-calibrate and shift our thinking, but not so fast. We have about 90 more days BEFORE the middle of the year, so we need to play a little. Be a little silly and enjoy some spring fling time. Whatever that means to you.


Dating & Personal Stuff 

How about having a torrid and whirlwind affair (if you are single, heck even if you’re not and no one is gonna get hurt).  Go out on a limb and meet someone different. Use a dating app.  Date or hang out with someone that is outside of your comfort zone. Send a hottie an Instant Message on Facebook or (giggles) slide into their DM on Instagram.


Work Stuff

Take some days off and do nothing. Don’t even think about it, just pick a few random days (provided you have vacation time, heck even if you don’t) and just do NOTHING. Just sit around the house, go to the park, binge watch a few shows, go to the outlet mall, or perhaps take in the Aquarium, just go. Maybe take MARTA downtown and just walk around and take pictures of what you see. Be present and explore the city.


Health and Fitness

Don’t meal prep for a week, skip the gym, just relax.  Still eat healthily, but maybe for about seven days you don’t count calories, maybe even get super crazy and drink whole milk instead of almond milk (gasp). Whatever you typically do, do it differently. If you go to the gym in the morning, go in the evening. If you run on MWF, lift on those days for a week. Just mix it up a bit and get crazy.


The best thing about spring flinging is that you don’t have to explain it to anyone. You don’t have to ask permission to take a little me time from all the time you are giving away to others. As we get our gym bodies ready, have to spend hours in the yard, clearing out the garage or perhaps getting ready to get our condo market ready; have a bit of fun.


Spring is such a great season. The days “feel” longer.  Folks appear happier. We get to plan summer getaways. We can do outdoor activities. Our pets can play in the park.  Life is way too short not to take advantage of Spring 2018. Let’s commit to not let this one pass us by without being noticed. Spring my friend, we are coming for ya!

Jamie Kirk works for a software company and is a certified spinning instructor. He also enjoys yoga, swimming, bicycling and running. He aspires to start a blog about what we put in our bodies not only fuels our body but our mind and spirit as well. Follow Jamie on IG @tysonsdad.


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