Sprucing Up Your Dating Profile For Spring

By Branden Lee


With the cold drabby weather of winter coming to an end, people are exiting hibernation and ready to be single and ready to mingle. Time to make sure your dating profiles are up to date, and you’re presenting your best self to attract a mate. Here are some tips to make sure your dating apps are ready to snag you a man.


  1. Choose A Clear Profile Picture

No sunglasses. No costumes. No excessive makeup. The face is the most important physical feature. If someone doesn’t like your face, then they don’t really like you. Make sure you’re showing off what you truly look like. Shirtless selfies may snag a man, but they don’t keep a man. Your face should always be prominently visible and not obscured in your dating profile.


  1. Only Use Recent Photos

If you’re using photos that are over six months old, you’re basically catfishing. Especially if you know you have gained or lost weight in recent months. Keep your pictures up to date to show the real you. Lying about your appearance isn’t the way to a successful relationship, and it will only disappoint the person you’re meeting up with as soon as they see the real you.


  1. Honesty Is the Best Policy

Don’t lie. Make sure you’re depicting yourself accurately. It’s a deal breaker if someone lies about anything about themselves. Whether it’s age, height, weight, occupation, etc. If you lie about little things where the truth will obviously come out, you’ve already disqualified yourself from being datable. No one wants to date a liar. If you can’t be trusted to tell the truth about little things, how can someone believe you for bigger things? If you’ll lie about your age, how can someone trust you not to lie about your HIV status?


  1. Short and Simple

No one wants or cares to read your life story in your dating profile. Keep your profile description to no more than 2-4 sentences. The point of being able to message each other on an app is to get to know each other. If every detail about you is on your profile, then what is the point of even attempting to get to know you?


  1. No Negativity

It’s 2018. You should know better than to ever write “no fats, no fems, no black, etc.” on your profile. Yet there are still clueless idiots doing this. You’re entitled to your preferences, no matter how prejudiced they are. Instead of saying what you don’t like, say what you do like. It’s less offensive and makes you come across less hateful. Which is ultimately more attractive.


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