Edited by Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Photos by Joshua Menken

Models: Thomas Barker, Jamel Grooms, Jason Traylor, Nikole Glaug, DJ Pulce, Chris Scandrett , Lance Hornecker , Kyle Strahl, Jesse Brunstad

You’ve put in all the work, all the miles, and all the training – and the day of your 10K is fast approaching! Peach asked the running experts of Front Runners Atlanta about they prepared for the lululemon 10K Tour this Saturday, October 22. 

  1. Increase Run Distance

Try to increase your running distance so it exceeds that of the official race. This will make race day feel “easier than expected” and boost confidence. Plus, you may even improve your personal best.

  1. Curate a Playlist

Running to music is a great way to keep pace or amping you up as you run. The right playlist can even be timed to put you in the right head space for when you need to give a little extra.

  1. Vary Your Workouts

You may be training for a 10K, but strength training and other types of cardio, like biking or swimming, can be very beneficial in building your overall strength.

  1. Simulate the Race

Going into a 10K with a strategy is a smart move – especially if you want to improve your personal best. Running a 10K in advance and mapping out where you generally feel your best and where you struggle will give you an idea of how to run the 10k race.

  1. Get Good Sleep

Getting enough sleep is key to optimal performance but also for recovery after your run. Feeling rested will also make you feel more present and ready to give it your all.

  1. Acknowledge the Challenge

There is a huge difference between running a leisurely 10k and racing a 10K. Running at your highest effort can hurt a lot, so respect the distance, and prepare yourself for the physical discomfort that may happen.

  1. Do a Thorough Warmup

When you are about to participate in a race, be sure to warm up. Because you are competing in a race you may push yourself even harder, so make sure your body is warm and ready for this challenge.

  1. Stretch After the Run

Stretching after your run – especially if you pushed yourself – is key to reduce muscle aches and soreness. Even a few minutes of stretching will make a difference in your muscle recovery.

  1. Use Running as Your Space

Running is more than physical goal and competing with others. Focusing on running as a personal haven where you can access inner peace and a safe space, will grant you clarity and help you find your center in the world. 

  1. Take It All In

Running an organized 10K is a lot of fun before, during, and after the actual race. You may be running to compete, but don’t forget to take it all in: the other runners, the spectators, the cheer stations are all there to motivate you, so don’t forget to revel in it all.

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