It’s Never Too Hot To Say Thanks!

By Jamie Kirk


Given we are knee-deep in summer and distractions are aplenty, I thought it would be a good time to pause and list 20 things we should be thankful for. Every single one may not apply to you, but I just thought the list could focus us for at least four minutes before our next skinny-dip in the pool!


Be Thankful…


… for the folks in our life that are making us better.


… for our mental and spiritual health.


… for our family and friends, both near and far.


… for our employment or ability to attend school.


… for the gift of insight.


… for our strength (and I just don’t mean physical).


… for transportation to & fro.


… for our ability to read and write.


… to the people that said “no” in our lives.


… to the people that said “yes” in our lives.


… for all five faculties of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.


… for people in our lives that motivate and uplift us.


… for the people that give us unwanted but needed feedback.


… for our mates, partners, wives, husbands that love us when we are unlovable.


… for this publication and the team that makes it happen week after week.


… for our democracy (just humor me).


… that with age comes wisdom.


… that you have survived everything that tried to kill you.


… for your past.


But most of all be thankful for this moment because, in a split second, your life could change forever.

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