Fall Guys: Network TV’s new hot hunks

Networks make it worth your while to tune in at least once for new-season eye candy

By Mike Fleming

Stephen Amell, Taylor Kinney, Brett Dalton, Ben McKenzie. We could gleefully go on and on about guys you already know returning to the small screen this fall. Each of them and so many more first appeared in our annual rundown of new network TV hunks and went on to find permanent places in our hearts.

But let’s not dwell where we know our eyes will roam. To keep your viewing options fresh once again for 2017, we find some new faces, as well as several guys you fell for on other shows who are courting new fans on new shows.

With cable and online channels inching on their territory, these are our favorites of the fall network season out to get a piece of your attention.

Rafael de La Fuente (top photo)
Dynasty 2017
The CW
Where have I seen him? Empire

Brandon Micheal Hall
The Mayor









Adam Scott
Where have I seen him? Parks & Recreation




Stephen Moyer

Marvel: The Gifted


Where have I seen him? True Blood




Josh Randall
Ten Days in the Valley









Shemar Moore (This week’s cover boy Peach of the Week!)
Where have I seen him? Criminal Minds, your dreams








Matt Czuchry
The Resident
Where have I seen him? Gilmore Girls





Oliver Hudson
Splitting Up Together








Dylan McDermott
LA to Vegas
Where have I seen him? American Horror Story







Midseason 2018
Cress Williams
Black Lightning
The CW



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