5 Slimming Changes – that aren’t always about working out

by Mikey Rox

You work hard at the gym, and it can be frustrating when all that exercise and effort isn’t providing the results you want – like melting away the fat around your midsection. Part of the problem may be that you’ve gotten yourself into a routine that’s no longer working, causing your weight-loss goals to plateau. There are ways to tackle this universal issue, from obvious habit changes to more under-the-radar solutions, like planning an adventure getaway. Take a look.

1. Reduce Your Stress

Stress causes unwanted anxiety, but it also can lead to other adverse health effects, including headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, and, yes, weight gain. In fact, elevated levels of stress hormones can make your body reluctant to release excess weight and may even lead it to store more. Figure in all that stress eating and you’re ballooning in no time. Integrative health and nutrition consultant Devon Battaglia provides a few tips for stress reduction: “Stress management techniques such as daily deep belly breathing for even as little as five minutes can work wonders,” she says. “[as can] meditation, laughter, playing with our pets and unplugging from all media.”

2. Cut Out Carb-Heavy Foods

Even as gay men, we love pizza, wings, snacks and beer. But you can’t go to the gym, make progress, then go home and ruin it all by diving face first into a pepperoni pie and expect to see your waist slimming. At best, you’ll maintain the weight you’re at, but eventually those eating habits will catch up to you, no matter how much time you spend sweating it all out. One of the biggest causes of belly fat is consuming carb-heavy foods,” says Dr. Catherine Metzgar, a nutritional biochemistry expert at Virta Health. “Glycogen is the storage form of carbohydrates in the body. For it to exist in your cells, it has to be surrounded by a barrier of water. The human body tightly controls blood sugar levels, so when you eat a carb-heavy meal, glucose gets transported into your cells and liver. Once there, it gets added to existing glycogen, which required more water and causes more ‘bloat.’” To reduce water retention and ultimately get rid of those love handles, Dr. Metzgar suggests addressing the primary cause of carbohydrate intake by eliminating processed carbohydrates and focusing on fruit and vegetable intake, lean protein and healthy fat.

3. Track Your Progress Properly

Hopping on the scale to see how many pounds you’ve lost or gained isn’t the best way to monitor your progress – not singularly, at least. According to Mary Weidner, co-founder of the training and nutrition app Strongr Fastr, you should take regular body measurements (torso, arms, legs, etc.) and weigh yourself every day at the same time of day, then look at long-term trends instead of focusing on the day-to-day changes. “Sometimes people find their weight is staying the same while the size of their love handles are decreasing,” she says. “There are many things that go into one’s weight day-to-day and only long-term trends are important.”

4. Increase Healthy Fat Consumption

It’s harder for men over 40 years old to lose belly fat because the metabolism begins to slow down, but the amount of food one eats continues the same – and the human body favors adding fat to the stomach area before any other body part. “This is why you’ll often see men with big stomachs but tiny legs,” quips Anthony Treas, a men’s health and brain performance coach. To lose body fat, he suggests increases healthy fat consumption, which includes nuts, seeds, fish, olive oil and avocados. “Healthy fats added to one’s diet will help the body to burn the fat that is already within the body,” he says.

6. Switch It Up and Go Harder

Eliminating or at least slimming those love handles isn’t easy, but if you’ve plateaued at the gym, it’s probably time to establish a new regimen. Courtney Meidenbauer, a registered dietitian nutritionist and the state media representative for the Wisconsin Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, agrees. “Typically for those who are established in their gym routine, I recommend trying a new activity or increasing the intensity,” she says. “If you find yourself doing a cardio activity, think of another cardio activity that is different from what you usually do. The change in activity can be a new challenge for our bodies, which can help kick-start weight loss again.”

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