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Whether you keep your cosmetic procedures to yourself or openly share that you have had a little help, treatments that refresh your look are definitely on the rise. And new advanced ones can even target and improve your skin too! Peach spoke to beauty expert Tassy Waliany, owner of Be Flawless Atlanta, about what you can do for your skin right now.


Before any treatment, it is essential to establish what you want to achieve instead of focusing on the treatment itself. Reducing lines on your face can be achieved both with treatments like botox and fillers – it simply depends on how you approach it.


“I always explain how the different treatments work in the initial consultation, and whenever a client comes back, we engage in another conversation about how to maintain or improve the results,” Tassy, the owner of Be Flawless Atlanta, explains, “it is really important for me to talk to the client about what they want, but also to prevent overdoing it – my goal is to achieve a natural result, so people notice that you look great and not that you have had ‘something done’.” That is also the same reason why Tassy focuses on a few but effective treatments that can give you results quickly, fairly painless, and naturally.


Wrinkle Reducers

Products such as Botox® and the alternative Xeomin® both reduce wrinkles and lines by relaxing the underlying facial muscle it is injected into. It is by far the most popular non-surgical treatment and is often used to relax lines on the forehead and around the eyes where the more dynamic facial lines form.

Cost: $175+

Pain Level: Mild to moderate


Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers do just what they say – the fill out the skin to restore volume, tightness, and smooth lines and folds. A dermal filler will also stimulate collagen production in the skin which will have a mild plumping effect of its own. The most common areas are smile lines that form between mouth and cheek and around the lips. Fillers are also used to plump the skin to recreate volume and reshape the face. There are several products out there, and the most common ones are Juvederm®, Radiesse ®, and Versa®.

Cost: $425+

Pain Level: Moderate to higher


Aquagold® Treatment

One of the newer treatments is the micro-infusion facial which combines the known benefits of wrinkle reducers and fillers with high-tech skincare solutions delivered deep into the dermis of the skin. The little device is made of 24-carat gold needles, and each is smaller than a hair follicle, so the micro-infusion is relatively painless. You can create a custom-made solution for your skin by combining, for example, the benefits of Botox, which on the surface of the skin will tighten pores and smooth texture, with a brightening serum which will improve your skin’s texture and clarity within a few days and with results lasting three to four months. Or you can do a plumping filler with a collagen serum to improve the surface and barrier of the skin. The choice is yours.

Cost: $450-550

Pain Level: Mild to moderate


Check out beflawlessatlanta.com for more information.





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