Yvie Oddly Takes the Virtual Stage with Jaida Essence Hall in Werq the World’s Pride Castle

By William Cooke

What happens when eight drag queens are released from isolation to spend pride weekend together in a castle? Find out Saturday, June 27th when Yvie Oddly and Jaida Essence Hall star in the highly anticipated third edition of the ‘Werq The World’ Live Streams, Pride Castle. Hosted by trans activist Candis Cayne, the show will feature performances by RuPaul’s Drag Race favorites Heidi N Closet, Raja, Naomi Smalls, Kim Chi, and Plastique — plus an over-the-top spectacular finale with all of them!  We spoke with Yvie Oddly from her Colorado home.

What do you have in store for Pride Castle?

I wanted to use Pride Castle to do two things. First and foremost, I’ll be paying homage to the struggles and the journey of QPoC’s in our fight for freedom and equality. But I am a drag queen so of course I bring some fashion, flash, and fun for all the kidses. 

Is it exciting to be back on stage?  

It is so thrilling to hit the stage again. I miss the camaraderie of hanging out backstage and exchange of energy when you’re performing for people rather than a camera. So I look forward to feeling that again,

How would you describe your time in quarantine? 

My time in quarantine has actually been really busy. It’s given me the opportunity to craft a lot more of my visions from scratch and explore different aspects of drag, all while giving my body some long overdue rest. 

What are your thoughts on the BLM movement?

If you’re not actively supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, then you are actively supporting the continued oppression of over 400 years. Donate to organizations, support black artists/businesses/economy, take the battle to your local ballot boxes, and if you’re going to act progressive online, be progressive with your actions. 

What is your Pride message to fans this season?

It’s time for our community to truly become as colorfully diverse as the rainbow flag we’ve preached acceptance and inclusivity under for decades. There should be no more kids who visit their first queer space (whether through media, online, or in person) only to be made to feel like they don’t belong because of their skin, shape, color, economic standing, sex or gender expression. 

Let’s set the example we represent to the rest of the world and lead in uplifting/empowering our QPoC’s, specifically within the trans community since our entire movement was built off of their backs.

Werq the World: Pride Castle streams live June 27th at 8PM EDT. Pre-sale tickets are $9.99 for a limited time at VossEvents.com. The show will be available for replay for 48 hours after the live event.

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