WE MADE IT! Now Shake, Rattle, and Roll

By Jamie Kirk

WE MADE IT! We survived 2020. For a minute there in May, and okay June, I was not so sure. The pandemic was in full force, jobs were assessing the need of employee’s, the stimulus checks were hanging in the midst of being passed and pretty much everyone was quarantined and locked down. It felt like a very bad dream. However, we have so much good stuff to look forward to in the near future, we can’t help but lean into it. 

Good News Bulletin #
The Vaccine. Because the number changes hourly, it would be inaccurate to quote the number of vaccinations that have been currently administered.  Happy to report that at least 400k residents in Georgia have at least received their initial round.  The vaccine imitates the infection so that our bodes create antibody defenses to fight off COVID-19.  

Good News Bulletin #2
The holidays are over. The stress of decorations, gifts, cooking, hosting, parties (limited) and traveling is over.  The holiday’s are filled with anxiety for some folks, but guess what that is totally behind us.  To be able to show gratitude and thankfulness during the last 30 days is a blessing in and of itself. 

Good News Bulletin #3 
It’s a new year.  Let the new year/new me quotes begin. Many people do a dry January, there are people that do the Daniel diet, some folks commit to go the gym, or even set a goal weight to hit. All of these are a good way to press the reset button and start fresh. The coming of a new year gives us the chance to prioritize our lives and set the course for the incoming year with what we will accept and what we will not.  

Good News Bulletin #4 
A Social Media pause. Looks like the social media platforms have had enough of folks that use bullying, intimidation and spread falsehoods to their followers. The voice that social media has in today’s society is the most influential way to get and/or change the way people behave or think. Recently the POTUS got his Twitter profile permanently disabled because of the downstream impacts of the riots at our Nation’s Capitol a few weeks back. Even individually people take a pause from social media because of the number of unproductive logged hours of the time suck of posting gym selfies and peeking into strangers’ lives.  

Good News Bulletin #5
 Leadership change at the highest office.  I have always thought that one has to be careful about broadcasting who they voted for, their party affiliation, etc. But given the course of events (regardless of your party affiliation, or the party you and your family have identified with for years and years, I think we all ( if we are being honest ), a change was necessary.  A change for peace and democracy and a chance to change the downward spiral of our domestic and international standing, amongst all of the other leaders.  

Good News Bulletin #6
We all turned a year order in 2020. We all gained a little bit of wisdom and experience.  We are all doing the best we can, what the tools we have. We are learning daily about who we are, what we want and how to best selves, despite the outward circumstances. This year taught us that most of us have a life of excessive and that more does not always mean better. I sincerely think that in a year we will be able to look back and say “2021 was better than 2021. Better is relative. The improvements will be noticeable and will 100% be taking significant steps forward.  

We have got to take the same approach we did like we were in kindergarten – tuck and roll. We have been on fire. We have been through heck and back. We need to shake off the year, we need to rattle the cages and take a stand that we are not gonna take it anymore. We are going to stop looking back and look onward and upward. 2020 is a think of the past. We have to release the strong-hold and allow the present to guide us into a positive and productive future. Let’s intentionally bounce back. Let’s internally not allow the winter blues to creep in and steal the anticipated joy of 2021. We got this. I just know we do. 

Here’s hoping each and everyone of us has a healthy, hopeful and productive 2021.  

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