Unlock the Holiday Passion: The NAUGHTY Gift Guide

Greetings, pleasure seekers and mischief makers! ‘Tis the season to jingle more than just bells and spice up your holidays with a dash of cheekiness. Whether you’ve got a crush that’s sweeter than candy canes, someone you’re itching to hook up with under the mistletoe, or you’re looking to share a naughty experience with your partner in crime, our LGBT-focused gift guide is here to add a touch of sass and a sprinkle of spice to your festive celebrations.

 Let’s be real – the nice list is overrated. We’re diving into the naughty side of things, where your desires take center stage. So, grab your cocoa (or something a bit stronger), snuggle up, and let’s explore some tantalizing options that will make your special someones blush and the season sizzle.

Naughty Mystery Box

For those looking to ignite passions by element of surprise, a naughty mystery box is the way to go. The Man-Man Mystery Box is full of high-quality body-safe toys and accessories for an unforgettable experience.

Man-Man Mystery Box from seductivepleasurebox.com, $70

Dressed for Unwrapping

It’s time to cozy up for cuddles by the fire. And if you gift him a union suit – or get one for yourself – chances are that you’ll be unwrapping more than presents by the fire.

Skull & Bones Union Suit Diamond Plaid from internationaljock.com, $95

Self-love is Selfcare

The perfect stocking stuffer for a little one-on-one playtime or perhaps a solos session? This unique cream transforms from thick cream to gliding lotion so you never chafe and get the full enjoyment out of your solo sesh with this stroking lubricant.

Hello Cake Cake So-Low Lotion from hellocake.com, $20

You’re Never Alone with a Clone

Why not gift the gift of, well, you – even when you’re away! With the DIY penis mold kit, you. Can clone your most precious for all eternity and for his pleasure when you’re not even in the room. This one has the added bonus of being glow-in-the-dark!

Clone-A-Willy Glow In The Dark Vibrator Molding Kit Blue from lovehoney.com, $50

Playful Games

Who would have that a board game could take your sex game to another level? Blocks of Desire is board game designed for long-term couples who need a little extra spice in the bedroom department. Turn up the heat with a truly enjoyable board that combines devilishly naughty sex moves and intimate questions.

Blocks of Desire Board Game, $45

Porn Subscription

We live in the age of streaming and some of the best content out there is behind a pay wall. So why not gift your bestie or significant other a subscription to their favorite porn star on OnlyFans? Or if someone you know has their own account, go support it!

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