By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Photos courtesy of DJ Kitty Glitter

Headlining the Wig Party at this year’s OMW is DJ sensation Kitty Glitter known from dancefloor all over the world. David got a chance to catch up with Sydney native about what gives the kitty her sparkle.

You have an illustrious career in drag performance behind you, and now you are a world-famous DJ. What inspired you to step off the stage and into the DJ booth?

Music has always been my greatest passion. Doing drag shows allowed me to live out my pop star fantasies and entertain a crowd. After 10 years on stage, I realized I could do that as a DJ too, especially as Kitty Glitter.

You obviously have a very strong sense of music – your mashups alone prove that – have you always had the feel for music?

When I was in my early teens, a family friend had two turntables and a mixer. I picked up beat matching almost instantly and that feeling of excitement & exhilaration while mixing a perfect transition still tickles me every time! He opened a record store and imported a lot of great remixes which I loved since I was too young to go clubbing and the radio stations didn’t play dance music at all back then. It’s true to say I was hooked on club music long before I could go clubbing.

Have you ever done OMW before, and are you excited?

This will be my first OMW and I am indeed very very excited! With so many amazing & legendary Dj’s on the line-up, I cant wait to go to all the events!

For those who have never heard a DJ Kitty Glitter set, what can they expect?

I play mostly remixed pop and vocal circuit house. I like to keep it fun and sexy. 

You are headlining the Wig Party at OMW – what do you and the party promoters up their sleeve for your set at OMW?

It is going to be a fun and fabulous way to end the weekend of events. I’m looking forward to the shows! 

Will you continue touring the US now that you’re here?

I have just been approved for another 3 years of officially being an “Alien Of Extraordinary Ability” in U.S.A so yes, I will be touring quite a bit over the next three years. 

What else does DJ Kitty Glitter have coming up?
Lots more fun, love, and non-stop sparkles!

Anything you’d like to add?

Keep smiling. Keep shining. The best is yet to come. Love Kitty