Roy Tomko: Reading the Queens

By Larry Olsen

The world first got to know psychic medium Roy Tomko from his popular YouTube series, Reading the Queen and Reading the King.  Fans of spirit channeling found his candid banter with drag queens and gay male models to be refreshing and fun.  They enjoyed the anything goes mentality to the proceedings and that inevitable OMG moment when the celebrity begins to realize that the reading is, in fact, legit.

According to Tomko, blending the spirit world and the LGBTQ+ community has proved a match made in heaven.  “It’s a chance for me to provide healing to the community I love and am a proud member of and to show the world how beneath a drag queen’s makeup and sequence or a gay king’s muscles and spray tan, they are individuals like everyone else, seeking healing and messages from loved ones.”

We spoke with Roy Tomko to learn more.

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Do you see dead people?

 (Laughing) Spirit has always been part of my life, for as long as I can remember.  I started seeing Spirit at around three or four years old and into my teen years.  Since then, Spirit has changed how it shows itself to me.  

How so?

Today, I’m claircognizant.  Spirit appears to me more as a ‘clear knowing’.  It is a psychic ability that involves knowing information that I couldn’t possibly know normally.  You can imagine it as knowledge pouring into the top of my head. 

We often hear that mediums have spirit guides.

That is true, actually we all have spirit guides.  

Who is your guide?  

I have a few.  I have one that I count on a lot who is my main, and then I have a good amount more who step in for additional help when needed. I find spirit guides to be very personal.  They are like family.

Is Spirit’s goal to remain with their loved ones throughout the person’s earthly life or are they only here for a short time while they are working to ascend to another realm?  

In my communications with Spirit, I have found that they are around us whenever we need them.  They may step away for some moments, but they make themselves known again during times we call upon them or when we are going through something challenging in our lives.  Spirit knows when to step in and when to step away. 

In recent readings, you have said that for most people, 2024 will be a year of abundance.  

2024 has been marked spiritually by the number 8.  The sum of all of the numbers in 2024 add up to 8.  The number 8 angel signifies material wealth, financial abundance, and infinite energy.  Spiritually, it means that our future goals, whatever they may be, are well within reach.  You may be experiencing this already, but if it hasn’t happened for you yet, prepare for a beautiful year of abundance in all areas of your life as we move through the year.

Is there anything we can do to ensure that we receive all that the universe has to offer in 2024?

Absolutely! I encourage everyone to set your intentions, do your affirmations, and create your manifestations.   Continue to release what doesn’t serve you so you can receive and be open to what does.

Can we learn to hear spirit on our own, without the help of medium?  
Mediums have the ability to raise our vibrations to the energy level of spirit, which allows us to see signs and engage in a clearer communication between both worlds.  However, I do believe everyone is shown signs and that as long as one has an open mind and open heart, we can all see, hear, smell, and feel our loved ones around us.  

What are signs we should look out for?

Some signs that loved ones are around are butterflies, birds, coins, dollar bills, a feather, or even a specific scent of a flower or cigar.   Signs are unique and individual to each person and their loved ones.

How can we know if spirit approves of the person we are dating?
For validation on specific questions, I advise my clients to give Spirit a sign that you feel connected to.  For example, an eagle.  Ask your guides to show you an eagle – whether on TV or in a magazine, or flying above – within a set time frame. If you see the sign, then you know your answer. However, keep in mind that, at the end of the day, you have to do what is best for you and serves your highest and greatest good.  That means following your own intuition.

What is one thing you wish people understood about psychic mediums?

The biggest fallacy is that we are constantly communicating with Spirit and reading everyone around us.  Personally, I set strong boundaries with Spirit.  I open my mind to Spirit when I need to connect and communicate.  I close to Spirit when I need time to do me and live my own life.  People don’t understand the amount of energy that goes into reading and communicating with Spirit. 

Can you read yourself?

I cannot read myself! I wish I could!   Luckily, I have a gifted friend who I trust and can go to in times when I need guidance.  But typically, I rely on the two things I encourage my clients to always lean on: my good sense and intuition. 

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