Post-Lockdown Refresh

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

With an ever-changing cosmetics industry that has experienced a significant shift during the COVID-19, it has also proven remarkable resilience during the pandemic. Peach spoke to Tassy Waliany from Be Flawless Atlanta about how the industry has adapted, and what clients look for when doing injectables like botox and filler.

Your business, Be Flawless, specializes in minimally invasive treatments like fillers and botox. Besides those, what treatments do you offer?

We also offer a treatment known as the AquaGold Facial. This is a revolutionary skin treatment that rejuvenates the skin, essentially tightening and brightening the complexion. It utilizes a technique known as Microinfusion. The skin is essentially infused with micro-droplets of filler, Botox, Vitamin C, and antioxidants. This treatment stimulates collagen, plumps, hydrates the skin, reduces hyperpigmentation and redness, and reduces pore size. The best part is that the results last 3-4 months!  

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your business?

We had to adapt to the situation and to ensure client safety has been a priority. I have a unique space, which is very individualized as it is appointment only. This business setup is beneficial as it allows more control in terms of a safe and sterile environment. My clients feel very comfortable coming to my office as they have been made aware of the precautions that I am taking. Although it has been quite challenging, the community has been very supportive! I am very appreciative to have such a loyal customer base. I feel there has been a shift with more focus on self-care, both internally and externally, which has positively impacted the business.  

Having lived and worked under a pandemic for so long, how has the demand for treatments changed? 

Initially, the demand was much higher because people felt isolated during the quarantine. This almost created a sense of panic as they could not come in for their scheduled treatment. My clients were very excited when I was able to re-open. They feel that injectables were a way to rejuvenate and refresh post-lock-down. With the stress of the pandemic, clients have a focus towards self-care, as this gives them a sense of fulfillment and hope.  

Men’s skin ages differently than women’s – what course of treatment do you recommend for someone who wants to keep a more youthful appearance? 

The techniques for injecting men and women do differ. Men require more units of Botox as opposed to women as the facial musculature is generally stronger. Also, Botox and filler are placed differently in men vs. women as not to overly feminize a masculine face. I discuss this with my clients in the consultation prior to treatment. I think it is very important to be clear with expectations and explain what can and cannot be done utilizing these treatments. I also like to take a more conservative approach with the focus to enhance them subtly and naturally. My clients typically return for Botox treatments every 3-4 months and filler treatment generally every 6-12 months, depending on the product we use. 

Maintenance is key!

Looking ahead, how do you think the pandemic will change the beauty industry?

 Unfortunately, some small businesses have shut down. Numerous beauty retailers have been forced to shift to an online presence. However, from an injectable standpoint, the aesthetic industry has proven to be very resilient overall. Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic and its future impact, many clients feel that now is the time to take advantage of the opportunity for self-care. 

Since many have transitioned to working remotely, they now have more flexibility to come in. I feel there is currently an overwhelming demand, and we’ve had to learn certain business strategies to adapt to the current situation. This has been a scary time, but I feel there is promise ahead. This situation may slow things temporarily, but I do not doubt that the aesthetic industry will recover from this crisis and be stronger than ever.

Looking ahead for you – do you have any new and exciting treatments coming? New products?

Botox and filler will always remain the bread and butter of my business. However, new techniques and products are always coming out! I attend aesthetic conferences to learn the newest, most innovative things going on in the industry. It is important to continuously learn and stay on the aesthetic industry’s cutting edge as it is ever-evolving.

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