Gifts for Your Pets

For: My Cuddly Companion

From: Your Loving Parent


by Mik Hyldebrandt


Who wouldn’t want to show their pet a little extra love during the Holiday season? Here are some gifts that will not only thrill your furry friend but also bring you closer together.



Who’s a Clever Girl?

It’s like a game console for your dog to keep him or her alert and occupied during those hours where you are away from home that can seem endless to a dog. Sound, light and touch pads will create adaptive games for your dog while you’re away.

Cleverpet, $299 at


Who’s a Handsome Boy?

Treat your dog to some dapper with a chic bow tie on a flexible elastic loop that simply slides onto your dog’s collar.

Geo Blue Dog Bow Tie, $20 at






Treat Him Right

This is more than a pet camera that can monitor your dog’s doings while you’re away. Furbo allows you to be interactive with your dog so you can talk to him or her and even dispense treats. Peace of mind has never been more fun.

Furbo Dog Camera, $199 at






Furry Favor for Your Friend

Not only super comfortable but also stylish looking for the design-conscious owner. Your dog will appreciate the extra indulgence which is washable too!

Capello Fake Fur Dog Bed, $169 at





Only the Best

If your cat – like you – enjoys the finer things in life, this bowl is a perfect choice. Handcrafted with a caviar graphic design, it’s ideal for any cat with caviar dreams.

Cheshire & Wain Caviar Cat Bowl, $38 at







Litter boxes can be very unsightly in your chic abode, which is why Poopoopeedo! litter box is perfect. Granted, it looks great but does not eliminate any odors…

Poopoopeedo! Litter Box, $80 at



A Cat’s Castle

Cats like to cuddle in little dens and caves, and this little cat house is purr-fect for just that – and it looks good too!

Modern Mews Cat House, $450 at







Poppy Wants Fresh Air

Ideal for travel or even a walk with your favorite feathered friend who will appreciate the fresh air and the many new impressions outside of the house.

Celltei Pak-O-Bird Carrier, $280

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