On Mekahel Makes a Splash With his Swim Collection and Blazing New Summer Song


On Mekahel is an entertainment powerhouse. He is a model, actor, fashion designer, and social media influencer with nearly three million followers. He is best known for starring on the reality show Putting On, which ran for two seasons on Revry TV. The show followed the ups and downs of his personal and business life, with viewers watching as the underwear model built his Mounderwear fashion empire from the ground up.

Mounderwear continues to thrive today, with On Mekahel recently unveiling the company’s summer 2024 collection.  He’s also adding one more title to his resume this summer: pop singer.   This month, On Mekahel is debuting his first music single, “Play with Fire.”  Produced by DJ Ran Ziv, the song is a European house and dance-pop record that captures the energy and excitement of the dance floor. We caught up with On Mekahel from his home in Los Angeles.

Congratulations on the new song!

Thanks!  This song is just the beginning. I’m working on an entire EP!

Is singing a new thing for you?

Not really. Growing up, I was that kid who performed in every school and community event, the one who put on a show wherever he was. The world has always been my stage.

Why was now the right time to release a music single?

There is never a better time than now to do absolutely anything. That’s my life’s motto!  Also, I just felt ready and like I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I feel more confident now than ever before: ready to make the transition from shirtless boy on Instagram to someone who is creating a body of work that goes deeper.  I know the direction I want to take my music, and I’m not afraid of opening myself up to judgment.

Is that why you exited your show after two seasons? Did you grow tired of the judgment from viewers?

No, it was more due to creative differences with the network. While I loved the process and the results of doing the show, filming two seasons took a lot of time and energy. We won the Queerty Award for best streaming series in 2021, and after that, we sort of hit a plateau with the network and decided it was in everyone’s best interests to go out on top.

What did you learn from shooting the reality show?

I learned about the art of storytelling and all that is involved in the process of sharing your life with the world. It’s not nearly as simple as turning on the camera and filming. In order for the audience to engage with the show, the story has to make sense and grab interest. As the person whose life is under a microscope, you want to make sure that certain elements of who you are and what you stand for shine through, but it’s hard to do that when you have producers twisting the story to fit their narrative.

What were the best parts of doing a reality show?

Working with my husband every day.  There is nothing I love more in life than spending time with him.  The show also kept me extremely busy, which I loved. I’m a better version of myself when I’m busy.

Worst parts?

Having cameras in your face when things are not great in life. Like when my first love broke my heart or when my husband and I were struggling with our relationship.  Those were really personal moments, but when you’re on a reality show, you’re required to show up and film, no matter what.  But man, having a camera crew in the room with you makes life’s problems so much more difficult.

Would you do it again? 

I don’t know. I’m forever thankful that I was given the opportunity, and I will always cherish the many messages I received, especially after the first season, about how simply sharing my story had inspired men to come out, follow their hearts, and chase their dreams. That made everything worth it.

Do you credit the show with the success of your Mounderwear brand?

I believe that it helped in some ways, absolutely. It shined a spotlight on the brand, the creative process, and the hard work we put into it.  My social media channels also deserve credit.

How has the Mounderwear brand evolved in the last few years?

We grow a bit with every new collection we put out. Our customers are vocal, and we listen.  

Your tattoos…

You like?

Oh, yes. There are so many! Do you have a favorite?

I have two. I love the Eiffel Tower tattoo because my husband and I got married in Paris, and we had what I can only call my dream ceremony. The second tattoo that has major significance would be my dog paws. My dog babies are my world. They are my rocks.  My soul. I put their paws on my leg so we can walk together forever.

On Mekahel’s debut single, “Play with Fire”, is available on Apple, Spotify, and all major streamers.

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