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Let’s Talk About It: The 2017 Gay Atlanta Sex Survey

Peach ATL’s 2017 Sex Survey gets down and dirty, and the results are in. Here’s what local gay guys say about doing it in the ATL.

The average penis size may be 5.1 inches, but in Atlanta, you boys self-reported a 7-inch average. Key word: Self-reported. No rulers were used in this analysis.

Balconies & Bathrooms
These two locations tied for most common place to have sex outside the bedroom, with 37% each. Outdoor parks and woods came in third with 26%.

17 Years Old
More than half of you lost your “gay” virginity by age 17. Another third did at least one guy by age 21.

Totes Vers
More than two-thirds of you are versatile. Verse Tops are equally matched by Verse Bottoms (31% each), with 10% totally versatile.

12.8% Bottom
Atlanta’s famous “total bottoms”? Not as big a percentage as legend would have it, and the same number of men are “total tops.”

Together We Can
Atlanta is all about its group sex. Who knew? 84.7% have sex with more than one partner at the same time. Of those, more than 60% do so regularly, though 23% keep it to three-ways.

77% Homewreckers
Three out of four guys have cheated or helped someone cheat on a relationship. Of those, 36% regret it, 26% would do it again under the same circumstances, and 10% cheat regularly.

Toy Soldiers
More than three-quarters of our survey say they use sex toys, with 41% reporting multiple options in their nightstand. 5% of you DIY it and make your own.

Underwear was the top fetish with 37%, Sports Gear came in second with 26%, and Rubber or Leather got 21%. Armpits, Feet and Other Fetishes bring up the rear.

Some 58% of the survey have had sex with a woman at least once in your lives. 38% wouldn’t know a va-jay-jay if it bit them, and 4% may have done a girl but aren’t sure (?!).

You’ll Pay
Exactly half of respondents say that they have never paid or been paid for sex. 16% say once, another 16% say sometimes, and yet another 16% say we all pay for it one way or another. Only one guy says, “All the time.”

Daily Grind
More than one-third of guys masturbate once a day. Slightly fewer than that reach down more than once a day. The rest equally divided between once a week, a few times a week, and once a month.

Safety McSaferson
45% of guys prefer condoms. 9% said PrEP, and 12% said non-insertive sex. 27% say they use some combination of the above methods. Zero men self-reported Barebacking or “Party n Play” as options in their repertoire, though 7% said “Other.”


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