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Jake Waters and Dillon Diaz Tie the Knot

By Jacob Brennan

Jake Waters and Dillon Diaz met in 2019 on the set of a porn film. At the time, Waters was still an industry newbie. In fact, it was only his second time filming an adult scene! 

He was booked to film with another actor, but as things happen on adult movie sets, Jake and Dillon were paired together at the last moment. Sparks flew right away, and the KinkMen considered taking their play off-camera, but they lived on opposite ends of the country. 

Still, they exchanged numbers and kept in touch. It wasn’t until March of 2021, when both found themselves to be single and available that they decided to give their relationship a real go. This spring, they tied the knot. We spoke with the newlyweds from their home in Los Angeles.

Before we get into how you met, please tell us about who you each were

Dillon Diaz: I was raised by my mother. My dad and I weren’t close. I lived all over New York but consider myself a Brooklyn boy. 

Jake Waters: I was a military brat and lived in lots of different places, but mostly in the Midwest. I was the oldest of three and felt a responsibility to be the upstanding golden child.

Were there hints that you were different from your siblings and peers?

Jake Waters: Sexually, I didn’t notice a difference until my sophomore year of high school. That’s when I started paying more attention to the male anatomy. 

Dillon Diaz: I always had secret thoughts about the same gender. I didn’t feel safe acting on them, though, until I was eighteen. The crazy thing is my little brother is also gay, but he waited until he was forty years old to come out. As his gay big brother, I should have been the first to know, but I wasn’t; his boyfriend was. We are one big gay happy family now. I love having a gay brother. I only wish I knew sooner.

What was the coming out experience like for you both? 

Dillon Diaz: My coming out experience was mostly a non-event. Everyone said they already knew, and they were just waiting for me to say it. 

Jake Waters: Same. My parents were supportive but worried about me being a black gay male in the Bible Belt.

What led you both to adult film?

Jake Waters: I had always been fascinated by the business of pornography. My mom used to sell lingerie and adult toys, and she took me to some of her sales parties. In 2019, I was single and thought I would give it a try.   

Dillon Diaz: For me, it was the need for change. I had a great job traveling the world as a celebrity makeup artist, but after a few years, I was burnt out. I was in desperate need of something new. First, I tried go-go dancing, and I loved It. I was having the time of my life! The opportunity to do film presented itself over and over again. I had my reservations about it, but I decided to give it a try. I didn’t hate it, not one bit. In fact, it was a feeling of liberation! I decided to make a career out of it.

Does being an adult performer involve its own coming out process?

Dillon Diaz: I started working in porn in my late thirties. I was grown by then, and I never felt the need to explain myself to anyone. Even today, I choose to share my career and happiness with a few people, but I never feel like it is absolutely necessary. Nor do I feel the need to hide It. If someone asks me, “Is that you?” I will proudly say “Yes,” and I’ll ask, “Did you cum?”

Jake Waters: When I entered the industry, I was still living in the Midwest. I had to keep making up excuses as to why I was going to California all of the time. Three years ago, on Father’s Day, I finally told my parents the truth. They had questions, but they were cool with it. Today, I have told a lot of friends and family members. 

There are some who simply don’t need to know. 

Dillon has had a long history working in kink with How did you discover your love of fetish?

Dillon Diaz: On set. I’ve had many firsts on the KinkMen set. It has provided me with a safe space to explore my diverse sexuality and my love of power play. It doesn’t matter if I am in the dominant or submissive role; each provides an electrifying pleasure. 

You’ve participated in some intense scenes!

Dillon Diaz: I’ve done several scenes that include suspension, but the most intense was the time I had a zipper up and down my body attached to a Harley Davidson. I had no idea what was about to happen, and when they explained to me that the Harley was going to pull the zipper off, it seemed easy enough. Ha! You’ll have to watch to see what I mean.

Jake, you recently entered the kink world, too, in the KinkMen film Divine Bitches

Jake Waters: I am extremely impressed with myself! The team at KinkMen has offered me roles in the past, and I had always turned them down due to a past abusive relationship. Since that first scene, I’ve done a handful of KinkMen scenes, and each time, I have continued to push myself to my limits. It has definitely helped me work through my past trauma. 

Is kink something you do as a couple in your private bedroom? 

Dillon Diaz: We have enjoyed exploring our own level of kink in the bedroom. It’s not as extreme as what we do on set.

Might we see you both starring in a KinkMen film together in the near future? 

Jake Waters: You never know what the future holds. We’re open to it!

Dillon Diaz: I always love working with my husband, especially if it’s a threesome or a group. Being able to share that experience with him and then climb into our car and go home with my best friend just feels good. 

Is there anything you’d like to try?

Dillon Diaz: I hope I don’t regret saying this: I’d like to give sounding and latex a try.

Do you have advice for couples who might want to introduce kink into their sex lives? 

Dillon Diaz: Communication is key. Have an open and honest conversation about your interests and limits, and agree on safe words. 

What is the biggest misconception of kink?

Jake Waters:That it’s dirty, rough, abusive, and one-sided. In most cases, it’s the sub that has the power, not the dominant, because once the sub uses the safe words, the activity is over.

What is the best part of being newlyweds?

Dillon Diaz: The stability. Knowing the hunt for ‘the one’ is over is such a relief.

Jake Waters: Marriage is easy work. We’re excited to buy a house with a big yard for our canine baby. 

Are your younger selves proud of all that you have accomplished? 

Dillon: My younger self never saw any of this coming. I was painfully shy and awkwardly proper. I still have a little of that left, but mostly, I’m fearless.

Jake: I, too, was shy, soft-spoken, and felt the need to be perfect at everything. Today, none of that is true.

Watch Jake Waters and Dillon Diaz in action at (NSFW).

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