Kink Gets Wilde

Christian Wilde Makes His Directorial Debut on

By Steven Boyce

Christian Wilde, the popular adult film star, is stepping behind the camera in 2024, and making his directorial debut with new films on

As a performer, Wilde has captivated audiences with his magnetic presence and willingness to embrace unconventional narratives.  He’s known for pushing boundaries by bravely exploring diverse facets of his sexuality with any and all genders.

As he steps into the director’s chair, Christian Wilde says his aim is to infuse his unique perspective of sensuality into every frame and maybe even redefine the adult film landscape.  His collaboration with is anticipated to yield a series of films that not only cater to the site’s loyal audience but also attract new viewers seeking a fresh and nuanced approach to adult entertainment.

How would you describe the Christian Wilde brand?
Christian Wilde is the all-around daddy who will take care of all your needs! From mild to Wilde, I have the range to fill all sorts of fantasies.

Have you always been Wilde?  Growing up, were you a rule-breaker?
Definitely. I enjoy the rush of a little trouble.   I’ve always liked testing the limits of rules.

You seem to authentically enjoy having sex on film. 
A vast majority of the time, yes, I do. There are times, however, when work is really work and that’s when I have to rely on being a talented performer.

Do you prefer the content you make to be fantasy-based or more reality-driven?
It depends on the chemistry between me and the model I am working with. There are definitely fun aspects of both.

How kinky can you get on set? 
Have you seen my work?   My BDSM activities with have led to some pretty intense scenes.  I’ve filmed in public and engaged in some very hectic group scenes.  It would be hard to pick the wildest scene I have made.

Have you ever turned down doing a scene?  I’ve turned them down from studios that I’ve heard have a less than stellar reputation. I know not everyone has the ability to, but I try to only work for companies that I trust and that my colleagues say good things about.

What are the hard parts of porn?
The impact it has on the body.  Also, the stigma from the civilian population, and the multiple layers of work it takes to be a successful person in the industry.

What are the aspects of adult film that you like best?
A good deal of the time on set is often casual and relaxed.  Similar to how I imagine it to be in an office setting, coworkers become friends.  I just happen to also bang my coworkers.

Do you like getting Wilde with coworkers off-set? 
Nowadays, I don’t get as crazy.   I simply enjoy having friends over to my house for backyard fires and hang outs. Anytime friends come from out of town or there’s locals that want to do something, I always love to host.

Has being in front of the camera helped you in your new role as director?  Immeasurably! I know what to ask for from models when looking for the best shot and more importantly, I know how to ask for it.  I understand what is likely going through their head while filming because I’ve been in their position. 

You could have chosen to direct for any studio.  Why did you choose to collaborate with and their Bound Gods channel?
It’s the most unique experience in adult film. In real life, we never actually get to play out these scenarios. The activities we do in these films would land someone in jail for assault!   On the set, we get to explore the mind as well as the body and push limits and boundaries in a very specific and serious way.

What is it about kink films that get you excited?
The raw connection.  I started learning about kink in 2009 and it has 100% shaped the person I am now.    I love the deep connection I feel with someone after seeing them go through the experience.

Do you connect with fans online?
All the time!  People ask me for strange things!  Toenail clippings, old socks, things like that. But my favorite is when people ask if they can come be my personal slave forever! Awfully tempting.

Are any of the Christian Wilde-directed films available yet? 
Yes! A few of my Bound Gods are already out and available to be watched!  My scene with Colt Spence and Ethan Sinn where Colt plays a new hire and Ethan is the asshole boss is pretty incredible. Both guys really killed it.

Who would you most like to direct in a film?
Hard to say.  I really just want to direct models who are passionate about what they’re making and who want to do a really great job creating something wonderful.

What’s your advice to young adult talent who hope to have the career longevity that you have enjoyed?
Be professional! Take this as a job and be good at the basics. Also, stay true to yourself and don’t do anything you are not comfortable with simply for clicks or followers.

What would you be doing if you weren’t Christian Wilde? 
Probably living in the woods somewhere, running around naked in nature, and being a weird little mountain man.

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