By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

As the year comes to a close, let’s take a look back in remembrance of a few of those notable community members and staunch allies that we lost in 2022*. May the rest in power and peace be shining examples of how to impact the community, whether it was activism, entertainment, or just pure love.

Jim Stockstill aka Pink Le’Monade

Jim Stockstill passed suddenly in December. He was known as a deeply immersed community member from his time working at the Eagle and several other LGBTQ+ establishments across Atlanta. Jim was also part of the Armorettes as Pink Le’Monade. Always smiling and ready to engage in conversation and share valuable advice with anyone lucky to cross paths with this amazing person.

Jim Armstrong aka Electra Bell

A fierce and fabulous drag entertainer has left our midst. Jim Armstrong, aka Electra Bell, graced many stages throughout Atlanta, but most notably at Lips, where she always showed up and showed out with mindblowing costumes and performances. With his sudden passing in December, we are reminded of what a fantastic person Jim was, always spreading the love and, first and foremost, being an incredible entertainer. Jim leaves behind his husband, Zac.

Lynn Barfield

Hazel Lynn Barfield passed suddenly in early December. Her legacy as a staunch ally of the Atlanta LGBTQ+ community will be forever remembered. She will be not only remembered for her great hugs, her kind smile, and contagious laugh but also for her involvement in numerous organizations within the community, such as the Mayor’s LGBT Advisory Board, Atlanta Pride, and For The Kid In All Of Us, where she served as board president for several years.

Melanie Vaughn

After suffering a massive heart attack in May, Melanie passed, leaving behind her wife. She was not only known as the face of Doc Chey’s, where she worked for many years, but also a source of wisdom and advice for friends, family, and even customers at the restaurant. She leaves behind a massive void as a mother figure, mentor, and community cheerleader.

Phredd Allen

Phredd was a staple in the community and would stand out in any crowd because of his signature purple mohawk and his contagious humor and laugh. Before his passing in September, he was part of the Atlanta Bucks, and he occasionally graced the stage as the Armorette Phreddtasia! His way of masking serious topics with humor gave him the extraordinary ability to make anyone feel comfortable in his presence. He would go out of his way to help anyone who was temporarily lost or needed guidance.

Jason Phoebus

As a former marine, Jason Phoebus stood up for his rights as a gay man in the military. Known for his huge heart and being a true friend with incredible listening skills, he loved social gatherings with his many friends and his loving family, where he was known as the “funcle.” He loved traveling, cooking, and all the joys of life with his husband David by his side.

*This list isn’t comprehensive and includes everyone we have lost. If you have someone you would like to have commemorated, please email, and we will either continue this in the next issue or expand our online story.