By John Stein

Photos: Alejandro Palomares

Photos courtesy of Helix Studios 

With his sultry eyes and 26-inch waist, Kai Taylor has quickly become one of the break-out stars from the new crop of guys at Helix Studios. The twenty-year-old was born in Georgia and raised in Arizona by his single mom. He excelled in sports, especially gymnastics, and was only thirteen when he came out to his family and close friends. Kai dealt with his fair share of homophobia through the years, especially from the administration at the Christian school he was attending, but he says it became less of a problem when he became captain of his school’s cheer team. 

“People thought I was cool ’cause I could do flips,” he laughs. The irony is they still do. We spoke with Kai from his home. 

How was your childhood? 

I really enjoyed my early childhood. I was an army brat. While my mom was deployed in Iraq, my grandparents took care of my brothers and me, and they were amazing. We were always playing outside in nature, messing around with bugs, and setting stuff on fire. It was pretty solid! When my mom returned, she showered us with gifts and delicious treats. She owns a bakery now, so her cakes were always Cake Boss level.

Living in small-town Arizona, how were you able to come out at 13?

I came out to my best friends; first, kids I had known since 4th grade. I was transferring schools, and I thought I might not ever see them again. They were incredibly supportive, and we remained inseparable for years with sleepovers, late-night phone calls, and camping trips.  

Was your mom supportive?

Somewhat. I think my mom always knew. I mean, I’d ask for Barbies and Bratz for Christmas! I think she was more scared for me than anything else. She didn’t exactly know how to help me.

When did you start dating?

I started dating at fifteen. I met my first boyfriend through Facebook. He lived like an hour and a half away. I met my second boyfriend off Grindr four months after I turned eighteen, but I don’t claim his weird ass.

What led to your decision to explore a career in the adult film industry?

I have dreamed of being a porn star since I was sixteen years old! I started my freshman year of university during the pandemic, and I wasn’t having fun or doing well mentally. I realized I didn’t want my early twenties focused on academics or getting a degree. I needed to shake things up.

How did you land at Helix Studios?

I ask myself that very question every day! I have to pinch myself to believe I’m really here.

Did you specifically request for your first scene to be with studio favorite Josh Brady? 

I didn’t ask; I just got very, very, very lucky!

Who are you most excited about shooting with next?

I’m honestly not sure who I wanna shoot with next. If there’s one Helix model I wish I could have shot with, it would be Blake Mitchell. He was my one favorite porn star for so long. It blows my mind that I work at the same studio he did!

What do you envision for your adult career with Helix Studios?

Shooting more short films and movies! I have the most fun on set with everyone. I love acting and bringing erotic stories to life. I hope to do more!

In three words, what makes you stand out from the rest of the Helix crew?

My off-the-wall personality, my solid dance moves, and my laugh.

How will you put your gymnastics training to work at Helix Studios?

I think it’d be really cool to do a short film about a cheerleader and a football jock. I could show off some tricks I have up my sleeve, in and out of the bedroom.

Who is the love of your life?

I haven’t met him yet! Hopefully, he’s someone tall and hung that makes me laugh and loves me for the entirety of who I am.

What is something fans would be surprised to learn about you?

I’m fluent in Spanish.

What’s left to do on your bucket list?

Walk in NYC, Los Angeles, and Paris Fashion Week!

You want to be a fashion model? 

In five years, I see myself financially and somewhat emotionally stable, living in a New York City apartment, and pursuing acting, music, and modeling.

Who is your celeb crush? 

This isn’t really a “crush,” but I am a huge Taylor Swift fan. Her music and storytelling have touched me ever since I was nine years old. I learned so much about life from her art and work. 

As a young guy living life on his own terms, what is your message to fans?

As long as it’s not hurting anyone else, you can literally do whatever you wanna do in this life. If you invest, put in the work, and trust in the universe, there’s literally nothing in this world you can’t do.

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