Helix Hot Hands

By Matthew Blanco

At 6’2″ Johnny is hands down the tallest of the Helix boys. He grew up in a strict religious home in Indiana.  After being kicked out at 18 for dating someone outside of his family’s faith, he found work as a farmer and then a welder.  He eventually made his way to Chicago where he landed a union job as a pipe fitter.

In his spare time, Johnny does what most guys do: plays video games and works out.   He eschews labels, referring to himself as an equal opportunity fornicator.   Still, he isn’t shy about his proclivity for bondage and discipline, sadism and masochism.  In fact, in addition to his work in gay porn, Johnny is a popular BDSM cam model.  He also stars in the new Youtube reality show, Inside Helix.  We caught up with Johnny Hands from his home in Chicago.

Is there a story behind the name, Johnny Hands?
Yeah, there’s a bit of a story.  When I was picking out my porn name, I originally wanted to go with Johnny Deepp or Johnny Deppth, but when I googled the names, they were already taken!  I got a bit stuck on the name Johnny.  My friend suggested Hands as a nod to my seven years as a welder.

Good story!  What have you been doing to keep yourself busy during the quarantine?

I’ve been cooking every day. I’mon a bit of a Korean binge.  I’m also hooked on Minecraft and have been playing a fair amount of Valorant.

What do you miss most about life pre-COVID? 

It will sound lame but I miss the gym.  I need to release a lot of pent up energy.

Your Youtube show has really taken off!   Tell us about Inside Helix

Inside Helix chronicles what it’s like to be a Helix model during awards season. For the most part, we attend like eight million parties! 

Are you a big partier?

No!  Pretty much the only time I party is when I’m in Vegas with Helix.

We see a lot of hooking up between Helix models on the show.  Is that normal? 

I don’t know if I’d call it normal, but I wouldn’t call it uncommon. 

Don’t studios frown upon talent hooking up off-camera? 

Models hooking up when they have to film the next day doesn’t always make everyone at the studio happy.  For the most part, though, we are all pretty professional when it comes to our obligations and making sure that we’re ready to perform when the cameras start rolling. 

What do fans learn about the Helix guys from Inside Helix?

I think the big thing that I’ve noticed is a lot of the guys are very different than they seem.  Guys who appear very quiet or shy at first often come out of their shells once they start to find their place in the dynamic of everything.

How did you get your start in adult film?

Through webcamming.  After camming for about six months I quit my day job and started making adult content as my sole source of income.

How did you connect with Helix?

If I remember correctly, Tyler Hill came into my chat room and suggested I apply to Helix.  Then I ran into Kyle Ross at XBIZ Miami, and he also suggested I apply. Finally, it was another male cammodel who ended up going to the studio side that convinced me to apply and see what Helix was all about.

What was that first day on set like?

Oh, the first day on set.  I remember I was super nervous! I really wanted to do well, but I’m terrible under pressure.   My first scene was with Dylan Hayes, and we filmed in what Helix refers to as the Charger room.  To be perfectly honest, the thing I remember most was how hot it was in that room.  We kept having to stop so we could run the AC to cool down!

Was joining Helix a wise decision? 

I love it!  You’ve got a bunch of guys all staying in the same house, and most of the time we’re all hanging out together, either watching movies, playing video games, eating, and partying.  Everybody, for the most part, gets along pretty well, and everybody does the best they can to look out for each other.

There is no drama between any of the guys?  Really?

So, I won’t lie, there’s some drama between a couple of models.  I try really hard to stay out of it.  As far as I’m concerned that’s their business and absolutely none of mine.

Who do you connect with most on a social level?

I don’t know if I could pick just one.  I really like hanging out with Ashton Summers because he’s so funny.   Corbyn Colby and I pretty much play Smash Bros non-stop and just shit talk each other the whole time.  Max Carter is super sweet.  He doesn’t stay at the Helix house but always comes down to hang out. 

Is there anyone in the studio that you might consider taking it to the next level?

There are a couple I would consider dating, sure, however since I’ve started taking on more behind the scenes and camera responsibilities, I really want to keep things as professional as possible with everyone in the studio.  

Watch Johnny Hands in YouTube’s “Inside Helix”, and visit helixstudios.net.

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