Have Your Gay Wedding Cake and Eat It Too

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

While the coronavirus can’t hold back love, it made sure that countless celebrations of love were postponed if not entirely canceled over the last year. But with the right precautions and a little planning, you may be able to have a personal wedding ‘mini-mony’ that could even prove to be more meaningful than an all-out extravaganza.

Even though things are indeed looking brighter when it comes to COVID-19, it is still pretty clear that the full-blown gala scenario when it comes to having a wedding ceremony is unlikely to happen this year too. Although many yearn to be surrounded by friends and family in a lavish celebration of love, the limiting circumstances also offer a welcome opportunity for us to examine what the core of exchanging nuptials really is. In a way, it has forced many couples to not focus so much on the wedding but on the relationship itself and the marriage that the wedding fosters. And while our priorities may have gotten straightened out by a global pandemic, there’s always the prospect of throwing a big party once it is safe to do so. Here are some of the ways that you can celebrate your love during a pandemic.

Have a Wedding ‘Mini-Mony’

You don’t have to invite everyone, but instead, be very intentional about who will be there in person. Even close family members in a high-risk category can be present via Zoom instead of in-person. Restricting your guest list due to COVID-19 is understandable to anyone.

Tease the Big Party

You can always tease that you will be throwing a big party once it is safe to do so. The advantage is that you do a much more informal celebration instead of a costly formal dinner when the time comes – and here you can invite even the long-lost friends and remote family members.

Send a Celebratory Care Package

For those – especially close family members – who may be excluded from your ceremony because of the pandemic, you can send them a celebratory care package before or after the ceremony. It could be a small wedding cake, or champagne to toast, or maybe a wedding photo.

Save the Money For a Trip

All that money you didn’t spend on a full-blown wedding extravaganza? Save it for a lavish honeymoon trip for when it is safe to travel again.

Make It Yours

Because you have no one else’s expectation to fulfill, you can make your ceremony as personal as you like. Maybe you want to get married where you first met or go skydiving to mark the occasion – just make it yours.

You Are Spreading Joy

These aren’t normal times, so the news of your marriage will serve as good news during a challenging time for many, even though they weren’t present in-person at the ceremony.

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