Great Fall Date Ideas

By Branden Lee

Summer may last longer in Atlanta than in most other major cities on the East Coast, but don’t think Southerners don’t know how to enjoy fall. A significant benefit of Atlanta not being a concrete jungle is being able to sit back and admire the nature the city has to offer. Watch the many trees change color, and finding many ways to embrace the colder weather with the one your love. Here are some cute ideas to try out.


  1. Sporting Events

Atlanta is a major city and sports are a huge part of the city’s culture. The Falcons may not be as good as last year, but they have a big brand new fancy stadium which could be fun to check out on a date. The same stadium is home to Atlanta United FC which seems to be the most popular sports team in town right now, but with their season winding down, there’s still a lot to choose from. Also, NBA season has begun, and the Atlanta Hawks could use some hometown support.


  1. The Beltline

One amazingly unique feature Atlanta has is the Beltline. This wonderful trail is bike-able and walkable, and an excellent way to explore the city’s diverse neighborhoods. Just because it’s getting cold, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any lovely sights to see. Get outside, and start enjoying the Beltline.


  1. The Atlanta Aquarium

The Atlanta Aquarium is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city housing the largest aquarium in the United States. Being a local can sometimes make it easy to miss out on the big tourist attractions, but the Georgia Aquarium is worth checking out. Plus it’s indoors so you can avoid the cold outside.


  1. Painting & Wine

Arts and crafts mixed with alcohol may seem like the most bizarre new craze to be sweeping the nation, but it’s surprisingly a lot of fun. It’s also a great date idea, and there are tons of spots to choose from to paint and drink wine, so find the one closest to you.


  1. Stone Mountain Hike

Atlanta summers are too unbearably hot to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking. Fall is the perfect time to climb a mountain, like Stone Mountain.

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