Girl — You. Better. WERQ!

Kim Chi Performs Atlanta As Part of RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Werq The World Tour

By Christian Larkin

When she joined the 8th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Kim Chi made history as the first Korean-American drag queen on American national television.  And while on the series, she werq-ed it, landing among the top three competitors.

Now she’s werq-ing it across the country on the RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Werq The World Tour.  After sold out shows throughout Europe, she and her fellow queens are unleashing hilarity and hijinks at Opera Atlanta Event Center on Sunday, October 22nd.  Michelle Visage will host with performances by Alyssa Edwards, Shangela, Latrice Royale, Violet Chachki, Peppermint, Valentina and of course, the lovely Kim Chi.

We spoke to her as she was preparing for the American tour.

What are you going to be for Halloween this year? 

Kim Chi:  A man in a wig, probably.

What were you last year?  

Kim Chi: Last year, I dressed as an aborted devil baby in a head to toe latex costume.

Do you prefer to dress scary or cute for Halloween?

Kim Chi: I prefer cute costumes with a dark twist for Halloween!

What do you think of ladies and gay men who choose to go slutty on Halloween? 

Kim Chi: If you’ve got the goods, show ‘em off.

Is the Atlanta show going to be Halloween-themed?  

Kim Chi: It should have been since it’s so close to the big day.  Where were you and all of your brilliant ideas when we were planning the tour?  You know we queens don’t think that far ahead! Maybe we’ll arch our brows higher on that day.

You queens always turn out the most amazing costumes everyday.

Kim Chi: I try.

Besides you (of course), what queens are serving the best looks at Werq The World? 

Kim Chi: You’re gonna get me in trouble with all the other girls I don’t name, but just between us, I’ll tell you, Detox and Violet Chachki always serve the most amazing and expensive looking looks.  I  live.

What is like traveling the world with drag queens and Michelle Visage?   

Kim Chi: It’s not as insane as you’d think it would be. Everyone’s super professional and kind to one another. Usually there’s a lot of shouting of inside jokes at each other and never ending laughter. Not too much madness since everyone’s been in the industry for a long time and knows exactly what to do.

Is everyone being nice to the new girls, Peppermint and Valentina?  

Kim Chi: We’ve slapped them around and kicked them with our heels for initiation. We’ve gotten

them under control now.

I’m guessing that you are representing Korea in Werq The World.  

Kim Chi: Good guess!

You have said previously that you have a desire to spread Korean culture to the world.  What do you want Americans to know about Korea? 

Kim Chi: Korea is a beautiful country surrounded by seas and full of mountains. Seoul, the capital, is so high tech and advanced. If you come to visit, you won’t be bored with all the sights to see, shopping to do, food to eat and kind people to hang out with.

How do you feel about Trump taunting Kim Jong Un with military action and calling him “Rocket Man”? 

Kim Chi: Why hasn’t he been impeached yet? The lack of professionalism is just maddening.

Do you worry about friends and family in South Korea? 

Kim Chi: The tension in Korea has been a going thing for a long time now. We can’t live in fear of the North Korean government. Gotta keep our heads high and live our life to the fullest everyday.

Did you catch Margaret Cho’s impersonation of Kim Jong Un at the Oscars? 

Kim Chi: I didn’t watch but Margaret Cho is a hilarious comedian so I’m sure it was amazing.

Can comedy and entertainment heal the world?  

Kim Chi: Without a doubt!

How do you plan to WERQ it so that Atlanta fans get an escape from all the political madness, at least for one night? 

Kim Chi:  By not falling on stage. Hopefully the stairs are rigged tight at Opera Atlanta Event Center.

RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE WERQ THE WORLD TOUR takes place Sunday, October 22nd at Opera Atlanta Event Center (1150 B Peachtree St. NE, Atlanta). $49 – $69 tickets on sale now at

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