Fresh, Clean & Neutral

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt

Summer is here. Another thing that’s so last season? Gendered fragrances! Because whatever smells good on your skin smells good on you. So ditch the pour homme and femme and enter the gender-neutral fragrance territory where some of the trendiest and best scents reside right now.

Calvin Klein CK One

The fragrance that was literally one everybody’s wrists in the late 90s is making a huge comeback, because guess what? The 90s are back! Quintessentially aquatic with notes of orange, black tea and vetiver, this one defies the ages as well as the sexes.

Voyage d’Hermès Parfum

This is slowly becoming a rarity, so don’t sleep on perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena’s masterpiece from 2011. It’s woodsy and amber character paired with berry notes and musky sandalwood makes this fragrance silky smooth on the skin.

Acqua Di Parma Blue Mediterraneo Bergamotto di Calabria

This is truly the scent of summer – at least of the Italian kind with notes of bergamot citrus, florals, and a wonderful vetiver base, which makes this one perfect for the days that effortlessly turn into nights.

Phlur Tangerine Boy

Don’t let the name fool ya! This one is an all-rounder. Flirty top notes of apple, jasmine, and (you guessed it!) tangerine combined with sensuous base of moss and amber makes this one fun and extra juicy!

Glossier You

Good perfumery should react with your skin instead of just sitting on top of it. Just like this one, which expertly enhances the way your skin smells with a sparkly notes of pink pepper, a woodsy heart, and ambrette base.

Christian Dior La Collection Privée Bois d’Argent

It does come with a higher price tag than other Diors, but if you want everyone to lean in for an extra sniff, then this one is for you. With prickly iris at the heart of the fragrance, this one doesn’t pick sides.

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