Doin’ the “Mess Around” – Yanni in the Remix

Yanni Burton Gets the Remix Treatment

By Sam Shapiro

Yanni Burton’s new single, “Mess Around,” is a smooth, sassy, I’m-a do-me ballad with a dash of ‘f’ you.   The young out artist wrote it after experiencing his first tumultuous split from being cheated on.  But the song doesn’t deal with the pain or regret of time wasted on his ex; it focuses on the recovery and rebuild of Yanni’s own sexual, emotional, and physical identity. 

“I wanted to let a certain someone know that I was back, stronger than ever,” Burton reveals.  “Playing the field and messing around after a break-up is the best anecdote for heartbreak.  It helps a guy to rediscover what he likes and what he’s no longer willing to tolerate, and it also helps to rebuild confidence.”

Yanni grew confident enough to strip down for the campaign images that accompany “Mess Around.”  “It was my first nude shoot,” he exclaims.  “I loved it! As soon as I stripped down, I felt the power that the song is about.”

The Pool Cosby Remix of Yanni Burton’s “Mess Around” releases this month.

How do you feel about remixers re-working your songs? 

I absolutely love it.  The two remixes of “Mess Around” out now are completely different, to the point where you probably wouldn’t recognize they came from the same song.  That’s what I love about collaborations.

You aren’t bothered by remixers adding their own interpretations to your songs?

No, different perspectives and style add new quality and dimension to the work.

The original “Mess Around” was a letter to your ex, to let him know that you had moved on.

It was also a letter to myself, to recognize the mistakes I had made in the relationship.  I realize now that it’s very important to stand up for one self in a relationship as, ultimately, that is what is going to make the union solid. If there’s a power imbalance, with one person constantly walking on eggshells or accommodating the other’s needs all the time, a relationship can’t work because the less dominant partner begins to lose his identity.  

What kind of crazy shit did you get into during your mess around period?

(Laughing) I had my share of late nights out…

What did you learn?

I learned what I really wanted in my next relationship; how communication and respect are essential.

When did you know it was time to stop messing around? 

One late night out in New York City at a drag-show, I met Jordan, the man who would become my fiancé and that was it for me! From pretty early on, we knew had something good, and here we are eight years later.

Fans can still see Yanni Burton “Mess Around” on Instagram.  Follow him @yburton.

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