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Dear Peach

This winter, I anticipate having to skip some holidays with my family due to work. Any chance you have advice on how to get past the depression or hump I’m going to feel this holiday season without them? 

I think we have to consider back to Covid times last year when we asked this question. We had very similar situations where we couldn’t see family because of the virus, and we had to separate: how did you deal with it then? You had to tell yourself that to be as safe as possible for everyone involved; you had to stay away. You thought of your family first. If you think of your family first this season, you’ll start to think of other special ways that you can make the holidays special for you all on your own terms now. No need to get upset about not seeing one another when you can make every effort to celebrate in a different way. Being upset does nothing but drain you of any energy you may have to work towards a solution. 


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