So awkward! I went on a date with a guy, and it was really a great convo, lots of flirting, and a good sexual vibe. The night ended with some making out but nothing more, and I wanted to see him again. But afterwards, I was horny, so instead of going straight home, I went to a sex club for some cruising – and that’s where I bump into my date! We were both so stunned, and it was so awkward, that we ended up just ignoring and avoiding each other. So I finished my business and got out! I’m so embarrassed about the whole thing, and I just don’t know what to do! I really like him, but is this a date breaker?

You had the perfect opportunity for a shortcut to an even better connection by acknowledging that you probably share some of the same sexual appetites. Instead, you ignored not only each other but the glaring fact that you were both there at the same spot to get off because you had been sexually charged by the amazing date you both just went on. And instead of interacting with each other, you kind of scurried off after you got what you came for. So yes, this situation is awkward and not the best, but there is a small window of opportunity if you reach out to him – text, call, email – and simply acknowledge the awkwardness and that you both could have handled the situation better. Maybe, if you can laugh off the silliness and insecurity, you can start over somehow and go on another date where you are more honest about what you really want.