I love the guy that I’m dating, but I prefer him when he’s naked. Both because he looks great and is very sexy that way, but also because he has terrible style – or rather no sense of fashion or style whatsoever. I work in the fashion industry, and I pride myself by my excellent taste and stunning wardrobe, and I really want to change up his style a little so we can be seen in public together. The times we have been out at events, I have almost been embarrassed at what he was wearing, and when I bring it up, he gets very defensive and argues that he has style, just not mine. I want him to be classy and cool like me – how do I make him dress better?


Feeling the need to change anyone is not the best premise for any relationship – please be aware of this before anything else. I understand perfectly why your boyfriend gets mad at you for trying to change him, especially because it pertains to his appearance. You may think that fashion from your perspective is what everybody should adhere to, but you work in the fashion industry, so your fashion sense can be pretty skewed compared to everyone else. Of course, there is such a thing as dressing appropriately for an event or occasion, but as long as your guy doesn’t show up wearing something completely out of line, and he’s otherwise fit to be out in public, how dare you be embarrassed about him? Instead of changing him, you should think about why you feel the need to convert him. If you really can’t picture yourself with him because of what he is wearing or you don’t want to be seen with him in public, it is pretty obvious, that you need to make some serious changes – not to him, but to yourself.