Brigitte Bidet: Back in Heels and On Everybody’s Lips

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt
Photo: Jon Dean

She is fierce and fabulous, and she is the new emcee at Lips for their Thursday night Divas Show. We spoke to the incredible Brigitte Bidet about life after a full year of living under a pandemic, feeling optimistic about soon being able to do live shows, and the new gig that has her on everybody’s lips.

For those few who need introductions of you, please welcome to the stage…

Hello! I’m Brigitte Bidet. It’s like “Bridget” but French and Bidet like… a bidet. Brigitte is a drag queen, emcee, and showgirl here in Atlanta. I perform at all the bars and clubs in the city and work a lot with Wussy Mag on producing queer media and events.

Last time we chatted, you were busy being an activist to get people to vote, you performed at select, safe, and socially distanced events, and your podcast was really taking off? What’s the Brigitte Bidet status now?

The podcast is still going strong. Stream Good Judy every Tuesday and Friday! Lately, Brigitte has been gearing up for the reopening of everything. Vaccines are going out, and I see a light at the end of the tunnel! I plan to stay engaged with local politics and will always be thinking of ways to create more accessible events. But for now, I’m just ready to be a professional party girl out in public again! 

Speaking of events: you are now the hostess of the Thursday night Divas Show at Lips Atlanta! Tell us about your new, amazing gig.

YAS. I’m thrilled to be working in such a fierce, theatre-style environment. It is dinner and a show, hunny! Sometimes in the bars, it can feel like you’re competing for attention. At Lips, they come for the show. Queens are the main attraction, and that’s an amazing feeling. Come see me and my ~oral expressions~ every Thursday night! 

Lips is such an incredible and important franchise – how does it feel to be an official part of their stellar lineup?

It feels super validating as an emcee to get hired there. I am following in some pretty legendary footsteps… just trying to soak it all in and learn from these amazing queens. Christian Valentino showed me the ropes when I first got hired, so I really got a master class on how to own the room. I feel like it set the stage for how much I’ll grow as an artist by working there. I can’t wait to learn some new dick jokes and make fun of drunk bachelorettes! #CareerGoals. 

Can you reveal a little bit about the performances at this fierce and fabulous show?

The theme is DIVAS, so everyone is giving their best drag! Their most glamorous costumes and show-stopping numbers. We have some celebrity illusions as well, but it’s also about showing off your own definition of Diva! The girls serve up a lot of different looks and vibes, so there’s certainly something for everyone. Especially straight guys. They seem to really enjoy themselves…

With things starting to look up in terms of vaccination rollout and people cautiously starting to get back out there, what are your hopes and plans for the summer?

I’m holding on to Daddy Fauci’s words; he said adults will be vaccinated by the end of May, and that’s what I’m hoping for! I might be a little too optimistic, but it beats the alternative. We’ve all had a rough year, especially the Drag Queens. Here’s to getting back on our high-heeled feet! Like, I’m totally ready to see a performer fall down the stairs at Mary’s. It’s just been too long. I need to see it. 

Your Good Judy podcast is still going strong. Can you give us an update on that too?

As with all things in my life, we find ourselves doing the *most* over at Good Judy. We’ve got some exciting film projects in the works (join our Patreon!) We are also focusing more on how podcasts can serve as archives for Queer History. We recently interviewed Lena Lust and Jayne County and being able to hear their stories resonated with our listeners of all ages. By having them on as guests and hearing about their lives and careers, we are actively cataloging LGBTQ+ history. It’s f*ckin fierce.

With a spring and summer that seems to be kicking back into gear for you, what’s next for the illustrious Brigitte Bidet?

LIVE SHOWS. Please put a strep-covered dollar bill in my mouth. A $20 if you’re feeling like a feminist! Let’s do this!

We can’t enough of you, so where can our readers follow you to be up to date on Brigitte?

Well, first of all, THANK YOU for giving a lil’ crossdresser like me a platform. Becoming a full-time DRAG QUEEN in Atlanta, Georgia, has been an amazing journey so far, and it is my reality because of other people’s support. Stay tuned to all things Brigitte on social media @brigittebidet, and be sure to listen to the Good Judy podcast! XOXO

The Divas Hosted by Brigitte Bidet

Thursdays, 7 – 10 pm (seating at 7-7:30 pm)

Lips Atlanta | Reservations at 404.315.7711

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