Ask the Lesbo – 9

– because we all need a wise Lesbian BFF!

By Marci Alt

Sometimes you just need the advice of a seasoned queer woman in your life! As always, I want to thank my editor, Mikkel, who is always there to lend a helping sentence. You and the Peach ATL team really have made me feel welcomed and comfortable. This is an exciting week with the launch of my new podcast, “Let’s Chat,” with Ginger Nichols and me. Please check it out; I promise Ginger and I will have your ears listening and your laughter loud. Also, thanks to my readers – keep up the questions coming! I love answering them. It may not be the right one, but I will answer.

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Dear Lesbo

It pains me to ask this question as most men would find it annoying that I’m complaining about my lover and his sexual erotic fantasies. My friends complain about their lack of sex, and I dream that would be a good problem. My question is that my lover wants sex morning, noon, and night, and rarely is it just simple sex. I have been a top for 20 years, but for the past six years, my partner has been more the top. My first issue is that I feel like sometimes I’m being abused or pounded like a rag doll. Lately, his fantasy is me being tied up and constrained to where if I struggle, it hurts, and he gets upset. Having sex 2-3 times per day has left me raw and dreading his footsteps. I love him; I just don’t want to hurt him. How do I tell him we need to be versatile and share being a top? I believe I have created a sex monster that can’t be tamed. Please help, as breaking up is not the answer.
Hurting Homo

Wow Hurting Homo
I feel your pain; thankfully, it’s not literal for me. This answer is really quite easy. Sit the STUD MONSTER down and just be honest. Let him know you love him and that he is physically hurting you as well as mentally. If you tell him this behavior will make you stop having sex, I promise he will alter his newfound studliness. Let him know you were interested in a versatile lover, so you introduced him to being a top. If this doesn’t work, go to Tokyo Valentino and buy him a male stud DOLL to F*CK! Trust me; he will adhere to your requests willingly.

Dear Lesbo

I am so tired of all the apartments and condo’s being built in Atlanta. Soon enough, there will be no more places like Joe’s or Einsteins. Our community has so few places for such a big city. Is there any way you can help me fight this concrete jungle that Midtown is turning into? I am all for progress; however, when does it end?
Concrete City Crud

Concrete Crud
Unfortunately, I can’t help you with this as I am not a gazillionaire that could stop this kind of thing. I suggest keeping your dollars going into small businesses so they will thrive and won’t have to close. The pandemic has hurt so many businesses, so this may be Metrotainment’s only way out. Local restaurants and stores really need our help. I believe this is the only way to preserve the businesses we love to frequent. I know this may not be the answer you’re looking for, but it’s the best I got.

Marci Alt is a household name within the Atlanta LGBTQ+ community – she created the The Gay Community Yellow Pages and runs the popular Gayborhood online platform. Being part of the community does not give her the experience alone to answer the questions on this page, but many years owning and running several successful businesses and being the parent of two amazing children certainly quantifies her knowledge, that she so generously shares with you in this column.

Do you have a question to Ask the Lesbo? Please email your questions to

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