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Ask the Lesbo – 8

– because we all need a wise Lesbian BFF!

By Marci Alt

Sometimes you just need the advice of a seasoned queer woman in your life! Fabulous readers, I wanted to thank each and every one of you for your support and your questions. During the past few months of answering your questions, I’ve really enjoyed becoming the Ann Landers to our readers. Keep the questions coming at marci@peachatl.com! As always, I may not have the right answers to your questions; however, I do have answers. I also want to thank Peach for allowing me the forum to do so!

Dear Lesbo
I desperately need some help. My girlfriend of two years just was informed that her company is transferring her to the company’s Corporate Headquarters in Denver, Colorado. We have been living together for about six months, and my four-year-old daughter is very attached to her. I have lived in Atlanta for over 20 years, and all my family and friends are here. As much as I love my girlfriend, I really don’t see myself moving away from my family and friends. How do I tell her?
Desperately Displaced

Dear Displaced
I can truly empathize with your situation. I truly wouldn’t want to relocate away from my friends and family either; however, there may be some considerations to think about. Have y’all discussed with her employer the possibility of flex work where she could work from home and use Zoom or Teams to be with her team? She can also request that she stay in Atlanta, and they have her go to Colorado once a month. If your partner is a key employee, most companies will allow this. Displaced, you may also look at yourself here: are you truly in love with her, and is this the person you want to be with? I believe, if this is the woman for life, you would go anywhere with her. Maybe it’s time to search inside for your answers. I truly hope you both figure out what is best as the child is the most important.

Dear Lesbo
My partner hates taking our dog out to use the bathroom! He would rather put puppy pads down than take our Basenji out to use the bathroom. I hate the puppy pad thing, and I don’t want to have a smell of a dog pound in our home. I am getting to the point of kicking them both out of my home. Please help.
Dysfunctional Dog Dad

Dear Dysfunctional
YUCK YUCK! YUCK! Puppy Pads are for puppies, not adult dogs. You should let the Deadbeat Doggie Dad know that dogs need to be walked and have fresh air. I would say goodbye to the Deadbeat and keep the dog for yourself (just saying)!

Marci Alt is a household name within the Atlanta LGBTQ+ community – she created the The Gay Community Yellow Pages and runs the popular Gayborhood online platform. Being part of the community does not give her the experience alone to answer the questions on this page, but many years owning and running several successful businesses and being the parent of two amazing children certainly quantifies her knowledge, that she so generously shares with you in this column.Do you have a question to Ask the Lesbo? Please email your questions to marci@peachatl.com.


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