Ask the Lesbo: 4

– because we all need a wise Lesbian BFF!

By Marci Alt

Sometimes you just need the advice of a seasoned queer woman in your life! As always, I want to thank Peach ATL for allowing me to have a soap box to squeal into. Remember these are my answers to questions they are not the view of Peach or editors, so if I pissed you off let me know at Keep your questions coming and I promise you I will answer them. Whether you like my answer or not is another story. Stay safe out there.

Dear Lesbo,
I hate that I am even asking this question. My cousin called the other day to let me know that his son was at the Capitol last week and has been a very strong supporter of Trump and will keep on being a part of the ongoing protests, peaceful or not. My question is, do I estrange him from myself and my family? I believe locking him in chains and shackles in my basement is clearly out of the question. My disgust has now turned to his dad, who I have been close with since we were babies, and I don’t want to even talk with any of them!!!!

Yours Truly
Chains & Shackles

Dear Chains & Shackles
First and foremost, his dad is not the one that went to the protest, so I strongly urge you not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Your cousin’s son is a grown man with his own mind. Instead, embrace the family with love. Even though you don’t support or condone his actions or choice, you can still love him for who he is. My suggestion is to stay away from the political conversations and get better use out of the Chains and Shackles in your basement.


Every year I make the typical New Years’ resolutions, and each year, within 30 days, I break them. How do I keep my resolutions and feel empowered instead of enraged that I didn’t keep them?

Resolution Reject

Dearest R.R.,
I understand this imperatively, as I have broken some over the years. I ask that you try on simple resolutions that last 2-4 weeks instead of a year. Start small, R.R., and make the resolution a success so you can create something new. The last time I checked, resolutions don’t have to last a year. Success is the goal of the resolution to have some success. Start by calling yourself RESOLUTION RAIDER and go make them happen.

Marci Alt is a household name within the Atlanta LGBTQ+ community – she created the The Gay Community Yellow Pages and runs the popular Gayborhood online platform. Being part of the community does not give her the experience alone to answer the questions on this page, but many years owning and running several successful businesses and being the parent of two amazing children certainly quantifies her knowledge, that she so generously shares with you in this column.

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