Shining a Light and Living Unabashedly

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt


As a writer, videographer, brand ambassador, and socialite, Ivana Lysette Fischer – mostly known as “Iv Fischer”- has made it her call of duty to call for an unwavering increase of representation within the Atlanta queer community. Thanks to her YouTube and Instagram notoriety, Iv showcases the beauty of being a transgender creative in a society that still at times denounces her very existence. Peach Talked to Iv about finding her voice in the Atlanta queer community.

Who is Iv Fischer?
I perform and host events, I make art, I show up for those in need, to lend a helping hand or a piece of advice. I have based my platform on the excruciatingly serious need for visibility on Black and Latinx trans lives in the South and around the world. It’s safe to say that Atlanta will see a lot of Iv Fischer in 2019. There’ll be more shows, more appearances, and a lot more knowledge to be shared. I intend to do so with honesty and integrity.

How do you see yourself as a voice for the trans community?
As an activist, I use my voice and whatever influence I have to shine a light on my community. Due to the misrepresentation of transgender women in the media, it is my mission to diversify the stereotypical narrative of what it means to be transgender. A lot of people, even those within the LGBT “community” have a misconstrued idea of what trans people are. I am here to set the record straight. We do not have to adhere to the standards of a society that does not cater to us in the first place. We are devoid of concern for the way in which you think the world should be run because it is far too often that we are painted out of the picture. These truths are not up for debate. In the words of our Lord and Savior Ariana Grande: thank u, next.

You currently have a GoFundMe for facial feminization surgery – tell us about that?
Facial feminization surgery is one of the many operations a woman can undergo to feel more at peace and at home in her body. It is to help alleviate one’s gender dysphoria, or the feeling of extreme discomfort in one’s own body as a result of the societal pressures of being perceived as the wrong gender. As a gloriously tall, Black trans woman, it has been difficult for me to “pass” in certain social settings. Having my gender and pronouns constantly disrespected in the eyes of cisgender, heterosexual people
takes an emotional toll on me and has even led to some scary situations in which my safety was compromised. At this point in my transition, these surgeries are not only a want but a desperate need.

We recommend everyone look up your YouTube channel (IV.FISCHER) where you sing, perform, do makeup tutorials and much more – what is your inspiration?
Not to sound full of myself, but I inspire me! I’ve spent a majority of my life watering myself down and trying to make myself more palatable for the people around me. I started YouTube to give myself a release and a platform to speak my mind (because nobody’s judging you when you lock yourself in your room and talk to yourself through a camera,

Looking at the trans community in Atlanta where do you see progress? And what challenges?
It’s quite difficult to make leaps forward in the political climate of today, but it is always a victory every time a trans person gets home safe at night, stays warm and fed, and is given the agency
and opportunity to do better for themselves. So many of our families have turned their backs on us, causing us to turn to our chosen families for a helping hand. Any time compassion and understanding is shown, that gives me a leap of hope. Furthermore, there is a steady increase in representation and diversity, but we need more! So much more. More than you could ever dream of! It is time for cis, white men and women to get off their butts, use their societal advantages, and prop up marginalized people for us to shine.

Connect with Iv
Follow Iv Fischer on all social media (in some form of) @iv.fischer, and please consider donating to her GoFundMe by clicking here








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