That Loving Feeling

That Loving Feeling

By Jamie Kirk


I 100% agree with the notion that the Holidays put everyone in a good mood: The lights, the parties, the presents, the presence of family, being off work, school being out, the kids on their best behavior (because of their Santa list), the smell of real trees, and the excitement of a brand new year. 


The most exciting part of the Holidays for me is hitting the reset button.  The Holidays make you think of what you were doing last year this time, and what you want to be doing this time next year.  It’s nostalgia mixed with anticipation. That is such a great recipe! Being able to look at the past, but yet create a future. 


This time of year really makes you feel lucky to be alive. Lucky to have “made it” through another year.  Unfortunately, we tend to think the year was difficult, but that’s because we are humans and humans highlight the bad and tend to de-emphasize the good stuff. Literally, right after Halloween we start the countdown to the new year.  The Christmas anticipation fills most of us with giddy thoughts, thoughts of good times and forgetting about our little troubles and picking them up post January 2.  Christmas time is the time of year that we can live guilt-free without feeling guilty. If that makes sense.


When you drop all the heavy loads of the year and perhaps reflect on the disappointments, most of us immediately think, new year, new me.  Christmas time is a major contributor to this feeling of glee. When folks that are in good spirits surround you, it almost commands that you match their energy. You have to admit, it’s hard (not impossible) to be around folks that are upbeat and festive, but yet remain in the dumps.  


I get it; I get it. Not everyone enjoys the Holidays; some folks have recent losses, some people are looking for work, some folks are trying to get over a health issue. But those Debbie Downer thoughts have to be placed on the back-burner.  If only for a while. There is a time and a place for not-so-positive thoughts and Christmas time is not one of them. Christmas time is truly the time to rebuild, re-engineer, and refocus on gratitude and thanksgiving.


I love the holidays for encouraging each and every one of us to put family first, friends first, positive vibes first, good times, and good drinks first.  Not allowing anything to compromise our joy or planning for the upcoming year.  The holidays have a unique way of placing barriers around our brains forcing us to listen to upbeat Christmas music, helping the neighbors put up Christmas lights and sip eggnog with strangers at a holiday party.  


So during this time of year, especially Christmas time, it is essential that we roll out the red carpet for our friends and family. Smile more. Buy a stranger cocoa at Starbucks. Allow people to get the parking spot you circled around the deck for. Let the other person hang up the phone first.  Let the client vent without reacting. Text first. Be kind, even when no one is watching. Be courteous to your annoying co-workers. Buy your boss lunch. Do things this season and every season that feel good to you and them.


Love always feels good. Giving love.  Receiving love. Sharing love all feel great. And if for some reason you can’t give it, don’t feel you aren’t a candidate to receive it and don’t wanna share it. Just give the mirror a big ole hug and save all your loving for yourself. Nothing wrong with that sometimes.  

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