Living with Purpose

By Jamie Kirk

One of the most rewarding experiences I have had was serving as a Board Member of For the Kid in All of Us. I was selected from many applicants to serve during the 2011-2012 term.  Unfortunately, I was not able to serve beyond that one-year commitment, but I can absolutely express the passion and dedication from every Board Member, towards the role in the organization.

The most significant learning from my perspective was how the organization was able to carve out their mission statement into “fun” initiatives – like a Beer Busts at Joe’s or Back Pack in the Park. All while serving the overall purpose of recognizing the staggering number of underprivileged children in Atlanta and Georgia. And more importantly, raising awareness that a number of families often struggle during the year.

I think we get it wrong when we think that living with purpose means it has to be something that is enormous that touches many lives beyond our own. I think that living with purpose implies that an individual is attempting to live the full width of your life and not just the length of it.

Here are some of the common attributes of people that live with a purpose.


Doing What You Say You Will Do
Actions speak louder than words. Being able to talk it into existence is a way of living by example. When you do what you say you will do, you are seen as trustworthy and credible. People pay attention to what we say, but even closer attention to what they see us do.

Keeping Like-Minded Company
When you are charting out fulfilling your goals and becoming your best self, you surround yourself with people headed in the same direction. Being very intentional about who you associate with, the company we keep represents who we are and often what we believe in.

Waking Up with A To-Do List in Mind
When the alarm goes off, it is being able to immediately visualize a mental checklist of things to do in order for you to feel like you have been productive. Being able to determine what matters and what matters most quickly.

Limiting Surprises
By having a plan of attack, sticking to our goals, but being flexible in our approach will limit the number of times we are shocked at the unexpected. Mind you, life is filled with the unexpected, but staying ahead of chaos, having a workable Plan B and proper planning will help detour of from our course.

Living by Your Values and Beliefs
People who live a life of purpose have core beliefs and a solid value system that influence their decision-making process. They place significant value on being a person of high integrity and living an authentic life. In doing so, they live a life with a clear conscience and spend more time listening to their inner voice than being influenced by others.

People That Live with Purpose Live in The Moment
When you live in the moment, you are not worried about yesterday or eager for tomorrow. You tend to take life as it comes. Living in the moment basically means that you are no longer disappointed or anxious about the course of your life but accepting it (whatever “it” is) as if you had chosen it. When you live in the moment with purpose, it doesn’t mean you don’t get frustrated, sad or antsy; it just means you don’t stay in that place.


As with most organizations, they have mission statements, creeds, mantras, governance, by-laws, etc., but these purpose-driven initiatives don’t have to stop there. We can also generate these at any point for our own lives. We can be still, listen to our inner voice, respond with a calculated and deliberate plan of action and get our life back on track. That’s another good thing about purpose; you can quickly re-purpose your purpose until you find your passion or your zazazoo (as Carrie Bradshaw would say). So, when I see you at the Toy Party this year, I’m gonna walk up to you and say: “tell me your purpose?”


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