Curing That Pride Hangover

By Branden Lee



Gay Pride in Atlanta is a wild and crazy weekend full of debauchery. With all debauchery comes the hangover and ‘mourning’ period afterward. Here’s your go-to guide for everything that will help give you a full body recovery after getting rammed during Pride.



Chances are you had a ton of alcohol during pride, and your body hurts. Time to boost your immune system with tons of electrolytes. Whether you prefer Gatorade, Pedialyte, or Powerade, your body needs it. Give yourself that boost of energy with some rehydration. Also, take a few days off from drinking. Your liver will thank you later.



In addition to taking a respite from alcohol consumption (until the next weekend rolls around), take a break from sex. Atlanta is the gay capital of the south, and tons of hot men from all over flocked to the city for Pride. With so many hot new men in the town, no one is judging you for having as much sex as possible. It’s Pride, after all. Just give your hole or dick (or both for you verse queens) a break. No one’s saying take a month or weeks off from sex, but a few days would suffice to give your private parts some rest.


Mental Health Day

Now and then everyone needs a mental health day. If you’re hungover and sore all over, you’ll definitely need one post pride. Don’t take one if it will get you in trouble with your job, but if you’re feeling completely drained, you should take time for yourself. Mental health days provide time to catch up with ourselves. Catch up on your favorite shows. Clean up around the apartment. Do things you’ve been neglecting. Heal yourself.


Plot Your Future Goals

Pride is all about celebration, and can represent some of your greatest memories with friends, family, and romantic partners – but it can also bring back dreaded memories. Don’t let the negativity bring you down. Reevaluate your life, your year, and your future. Think of everything you want to accomplish by the time the next Pride rolls around. Maybe experience Pride in a different city. Plan a trip with friends. Think of what you want to do differently and take to the next level by the next time Pride rolls around in 2019.

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