An Inspiring Conversation About PRIDE

By Mikkel Hyldebrandt


Pride is not all parties and parades but also a time get together and discuss important issues in the LGBTQ community. On Sunday the Spectra Pride Panel & Celebration will take place, and Peach spoke to creator and moderator Rigel Cable about the panel which is about the future of the LGBTQ community.


Tell us about the Spectra Pride Panel & Celebration

SPECTRA Pride Panel & Celebration is an exciting free and public event I’m putting on with Lexus at The Deep End on Sunday, October 14th. The event is also benefitting one of my favorite local nonprofits, Lost-N-Found Youth – their programs help Atlanta queer and trans homeless youth. Pride represents inclusivity, community, and celebration, and this event will be an uplifting and inspiring conversation with local influencers that helps to bring deeper meaning to Pride.


What do you hope to achieve with the Spectra pride panel discussion?

To me, Pride is about so much more than the parties (which are also beyond fun!). Pride is a time to come together as a community. Pride is one of my favorite times of the year (right up there with Christmas!), and I wanted to find ways to make Pride even more meaningful and memorable. So, I reached out to Lexus, with whom I created an Atlanta Queer Art Showcase back in March, and they were totally on board to create a Pride activation.


Why did you choose to have the panel during Pride when so much else is going on?

I chose to have this panel during Pride because I am hoping that we can create dialogue and solidarity within our communities. With a fun atmosphere, some free drinks, and the slaying DJ JSPORT, I aim to combine the spirit of Pride with an evening of inspiration. Our topic will be “What’s next for the LGBTQ community?”, and we will talk about things that resonate with a lot of LGBTQ people.


Tell us about some of the panelists and why you chose them for the event?

We have the most amazing panelists! Lisa Cunningham, a TV producer, public speaker, and member of Mayor Keisha Bottoms’ LGBTQ Advisory Board will share her story. Peach‘s own Mikkel Hyldebrandt, Director of Editorial, will provide a perspective from Media. We are also fortunate to have music artist Victor Jackson, trans YouTuber Ivana Fischer, and Lost-N-Found Youth interim executive director Audrey Krumbach.


How do you participate in the event?

Get your free tickets from Eventbrite (search word Spectra). It’s my pleasure to host and moderate this event. I’ll be guiding the panelist conversation and kicking off the night. I can’t wait to see everyone there! Courtesy of Lexus, there will also be free drinks for people who interact with the photobooth. So don’t miss out!


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