Atlanta is Out On Film: When The Beat Drops

Atlanta is Out On Film

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Out On Film, Atlanta’s LGBT film festival, opens Sept. 27 and lasts a whopping 11 days, spread out over three venues – the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema, Out Front Theatre Company, and the Plaza Theatre.  Peach ATL caught up recently with festival director Jim Farmer to get the skinny on this year’s line-up.  

What are the big trends at Out On Film this year?
It’s funny – there are usually overt trends each season, but there really aren’t many this year.  I’m happy that we have a big old all-you-can-eat buffet of movies. Our schedule is diverse and inclusive with films from around the world and from our backyard as well.

What’s sexy this year?
The Atlanta dancers from our opening night film “When the Beat Drops” are very sexy and know how to move. “Hard Paint” is sexy. The shorts program Sexy Silly Scary Funny includes “Penis Poetry,” which is exactly what you think it is. Matt Smith in “Mapplethorpe” is sexy and I think Paul Rudd is sexy as one half of a bickering gay couple whose lives change when a grandson enters the picture in “Ideal Home. “ And the soccer player romance/drama “Mario” – the Peach ATL movie sponsored – is very hot.

Anything else unique?
We have films for everyone, I think.  I am a big horror movie fan and we have a gothic female lesbian werewolf movie called “Good Manners.” We also have a Horror Night Friday, Oct 6 at Out Front, with a women’s horror film – “What Keeps You Alive” – and a
men’s horror film – “Devil’s Path – followed by a series of horror short films. I am stoked about it.

Any guests that we should know about?
Jamal Sims, known around the world for his choreography and for being one of the couples who got married at the Grammys with Madonna and Macklemore officiating, will be in opening night for “When the Beat Drops” alongside the star of the film, Anthony Davis. Matt Montgomery, a very well-known actor, will be here for his directorial debut “Devil’s Path.” Mitchell Anderson, who now owns and runs MetroFresh, has returned to acting with “After Forever” and will be joined by his co-star Kevin Spirtas, who many people may remember from “Days of Our Lives.” A number of guests will be in for our Best of Men’s Shorts program on Sept. 29, including former Atlantan Justin Young with his film “That’s Me on the Right,” Timothy Ryan Hickernell with his “Foreign Lovers” film and Corey Camperchioli with his much discussed “Femme,” about a young gay man in New York having to deal with labels imposed on others and learning to find self-esteem. Among a lot of others guests, Jamie Chung of “The Gifted” is doing a Q and A after the AIDs drama “1985,” in which she stars.

Finally, why should people come to Out On Film this year? 
Some people ask why they should come to an LGBT film festival when they can see gay films on Netflix, or other streaming devices, or even on TV. First off, some of these films will never make it to a Netflix. Secondly, it’s an opportunity to meet and interact with some of today’s major LGBT voices and to see their new works. Finally, I think the experience of watching films by, for and about us is empowering. Out On Film is a safe haven for people throughout the area/region, not just Midtown – and this year’

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