Fall Fashion Must-Haves

By Branden Lee


One benefit of living in Atlanta is you never really have to pack up your clothes from a passing season since the weather is so unpredictable. Especially during Spring and Autumn where you can experience all four seasons in one week. With Labor Day behind us, Fall is here. It’s a great time to treat yourself to some must-haves in your closet.


New Bag

Whether it’s a bookbag or messenger bag for school, a briefcase or satchel for work, or even just a gym bag, treat yourself to a new bag. Ladies aren’t the only ones who need a new purse every season. Guys have tons of stuff to haul around as well. Stop using your dirty, old, outdated bag, and treat yourself to something new.




New Shoes

Shoes can really highlight an outfit. It’s important to keep switching out your old shoes for new ones. Bad old shoes can give you shin splints and make your feet hurt. Get some new sneakers for the gym, new dress shoes for work, and some new boots. The best shoes for fall are boots, and there are plenty of different styles and shoe stores to look. Cowboy boots, dress boots, Timberlands, whatever your style. Just make sure to find the right pair for you.


New Suit

Every man needs at least one full suit in their closet. Just like women have the little black dress for every event, every man needs a black suit for every occasion. Whether it’s a work event, wedding, or you’re an actor cast in a fancy scene; a nice black suit can go a long way. Just switch up the undershirt, and you can wear the same suit to every event. Spring gets the reputation or most popular time for a wedding, but fall is also a big wedding season. Make sure you have your suit ready to go.






Summer Clothes

Summer weather in Atlanta lasts through October and sometimes November. So, shorts and t-shirts are practically always in season. Fall is an excellent time to get summer clothes for next season since they should be on sale since stores are now stocked with fall weather wear. Plus, you can’t wear long sleeves in the club, so you should always be on the lookout for going-out tops so that you can find yourself a top in the club.


Fall Clothes

Get some new long-sleeved shirts and jeans. It’s Fall! You’ll need them come winter.

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