Keeping The Relationship Cool During A Long Hot Summer

By Branden Lee


The humidity in Atlanta alone is unbearable. Summer 2018 has been sweltering, but hopefully, that’s not preventing you from having fun. With this intolerable heat no one wants to be outside, but when you’re in a relationship, you need to keep things exciting. Here are some ways to stay cool from the heat, but keep the passion burning in your relationship during these sizzling summer months.


Workout Together

Ironically we flock to stay inside to avoid sweating outside, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to work up a sweat inside in the gym. Gotta stay fit and sexy, especially during pool party and beach season. Going to the gym with your partner is a great way to avoid potential skin cancer from being outside, but still feeling hot and sexy inside. It’s hot watching your man lift, stretch, run, sweat, and workout. A couple that works out together stays looking sexy for each other.



Go To the Movies

Movie theaters are always blistering cold. Definitely, a great place to go to cool off. Plus summer blockbusters are in full swing. There’s always something being released every week. Going to the movies together gives times to snuggle, stay on top of pop culture, be entertained, and avoid this heat.




Do Something Active

Whether it’s an arcade, skating rink, bowling, or what not, there are plenty of places to have fun in and around Atlanta. Plus you’ll be inside, cooling off, and get to get competitive with each other. It can be a turn on in a relationship…or result in epic fights.





Maybe you’ve been neglecting the art and culture scene of your city. Summer is great to finally check out that new exhibit, or finally visit the museum you always pass but haven’t been inside of yet. Explore what Atlanta has to offer. There’s plenty of art and culture here.




Stay home

Nothing beats the comfort of your own home, snuggled up together, with the air conditioning blasting.


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