ALL of Me Will Be at Your Pool Party

By Jamie Kirk


Shocker, this edition is filled with perfect bodies. Hairless pits.  Nice and manicured happy trails. V’s that start perfectly at the hips.  Swimsuits that look like they are painted to the models’ shapes. Great, just what we all need: Another reason to wear a sweatshirt to the pool and board shorts.


Not this year. I say we make a pact and really bare it all this year.  No covering up. No attempts at waiting until the sun goes down before we head out to the pool party. Not doing it. I say we all put on the SPF 15, 30, or whatever, grab the Yeti cooler, put on the Birkenstocks (this just in: they are back!), shower ourselves with a good ole fashion dose of self-confidence and make the best of a “not so great situation.”


I don’t know one person that is 100% pleased with their body. EVERYBODY –  and I do mean EVERYBODY – is self-conscious about at least one part of their body. That one area they are hesitant to show anyone. We all have that area, that one thing or two things that just look a hot mess or just freaking abnormal. It’s way too small or way too big compared to others that we have seen. Over the years we have managed to find the perfect ways to hide the “issue” – but not this summer.


We are going to “lean into” whatever the area is. We are going to embrace the stretch marks, not wear socks and allow the corn on our left toe to get some air; we are going to take off the wife beater and let that pimple scar in the middle of our back get some sun this summer.  We don’t have a choice… it’s time.


We need to stop being ashamed of how God created us or how he (or she depending on your belief system) allowed something to happen to us. It’s happened, we gotta get over it and quickly.  Whatever we are ashamed of has too much control over us.  We are allowing this little “issue” to get too much attention and focus.


We can easily solve this by taking back control and taking away the power and owning whatever it is. Whatever the little area of imperfection, it is likely not even noticed by anyone else. It’s like when you look in the mirror at the pimple on your nose and say to the bestie “this bump is huge” and they respond “I didn’t even notice it until you showed me.”  That is typically how this plays out. We are stressing about something that no one else is even paying attention too.


So this summer season, we are gonna “lean into” out body issues. We are gonna own it and not shy away from it.  Now, we do know if our little issue is really a big issue, and it is something we can control but aren’t – stuff like eating too many sweets, drinking a bit too much, visiting the tanning bed a bit too frequently or maybe just avoiding the gym and any physical activity altogether.  In that case, cry a bit, be down for a bit, dust yourself off and get over it. This is the summer of “me, myself and I,” and all three of us are coming for you.  All three of us are hitting up your pool party. Take all of us, as we are: scarred, bruised, chubby, flat-footed, small-nippled, hairy-backed, thinning hair, or flat-assed. People are attracted to confidence and this summer it’s all about showing confidence in whatever skin we happen to be in. We will no longer be held captive to our less than perfect bodies.  Watch how differently people treat you when they see you treat your body like the temple that it is.

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