New Gay In Town: Slutty Summer It Is

By Branden Lee


I was torn about whether I wanted to have a summer of love or lust. Enter a new relationship or be free to hook up with as many guys as possible. Looks like the decision was made for me since the guy I wanted to date isn’t ready for a relationship.


It’s disappointing, but these things happen. There’s always a variety of reasons why relationships don’t work out. One person not being ready is a common issue. Some people choose to prioritize work/money/school over love, and that’s their prerogative. I’m free to do me and have fun.


I don’t know yet what I have planned this summer, but I know that I’m enjoying it being single. I definitely want to travel. I’ve been in Atlanta almost a year, and now I want to explore the rest of the south. I’ve never been to Florida or New Orleans. Both places are on my to-do list, along with the male denizens of those places.


I’m also in a new phase of life. Atlanta is no longer brand new to me. I’m settled. It’s home. I am finally over my breakup. There’s a plethora of possibilities out there. I’m free to love again when the time is right, without the baggage of still needing to get over my ex. I’m ready to explore the city. I’ve still not gone on that many dates since moving to Atlanta. Seems hard to try to find a guy to take you out to dinner. There are so many restaurants and neighborhoods in Atlanta that I’ve yet to explore.


Even though it hurts that my failed love interest is choosing work over me, in a way I should do the same. I came to Atlanta to pursue my dreams. I came here to write, produce, and act. The acting is going well, but I still have a lot of writing and producing to do. I need to focus on creating my art, and not being so obsessed with boys.


I have always thought of my love life as just as important as every other part of my life. Work, school, money, friendships, etc. Love is important. No one is truly happy if they have a great job, lots of money, a degree, friends, but no love in their life. Love, romances, having a partner, those are integral to what I want for my future. So it’s important to pursue love just as much as any other part of life. I never could understand how others choose to neglect love in favor of other aspects. A boyfriend isn’t a distraction from my goals. A boyfriend should be there to help me accomplish my goals.


A boyfriend isn’t a distraction, but fuckboys are. These guys that just want to waste my time, lead me on, only want to hook up, etc. Those are distractions I no longer need. Even though it is slutty summer, I need to find a balance of productivity, along with promiscuity.


Another nice aspect of not entering a relationship anytime soon is that I can keep hooking up with all the guys I recently hooked up with. Including married co-workers, visiting fraternity boys, DL teachers, etc. It’s slutty summer; there are no morals.


Summer is also mid-year and the perfect time to set into motion how we want the rest of 2018 to go. There’s still a lot to accomplish on my goals of the year list. Time to party, get wild and have fun. Along with accomplishing my goals, build my empire, and conquer Atlanta.


I’m really grateful that I did have the opportunity to start my life over here in the ATL. It really was the best decision I could’ve made, and it came at the right time for me. There’s so much I have experienced in my first year here, and still, a lot left to accomplish.


I have no idea what awaits me on the next part of my Atlanta adventure, but I’m ready for all the brand new encounters.

Branden Lee is a writer and actor living in Atlanta. Follow Branden on Instagram and Twitter @Brandeness. Watch Branden on his YouTube channel SexxxPerTease.

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