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Vacation For One, Please

Jamie King


Sun’s out, guns out. Days are longer. People are generally in a better mood.  We have five holiday day(s) in the next six months. No winter coats, scarfs or gloves.  After hot yoga, you don’t risk pneumonia when running to the car after being in a sweat box. There is no better time than NOW to book a vacation with the most important person in your life – YOU.


As we head into vacation season, I am recommending that you don’t even think about it, just book a trip for yourself and go. Don’t ask anyone about their opinion, don’t announce it on social media, and don’t talk yourself out of it. Like Nike tells us, Just Do It.


Take a step back from all the hustle and bustle of the political landscape.  Take a break from screaming kids or a pet that is demanding attention. Go online, use points, use a companion pass, create a Go Fund Me Page or whatever you need to do; book the trip, book the lodging accommodations and don’t fret over the cost. This is a trip that you can’t afford not to take.


Re-charging one’s batteries is very important. Making sure that you have emotional energy, physical energy and mental energy to friends and family, can only happen when your cup runneth over. What’s in the cup is for you, what’s running over is for them. Got it. Taking time for yourself is the key to being available for others. The alone time gives you the time you need to focus on YOUR needs, YOUR wants, YOUR desires and ultimately in silence asking yourself: “Am I living the life I want ?”


You can only really answer this question when you take dedicated time out of your day to really ponder upon what that means. Does it mean am I living my best life? Am I following my destiny? Have I considered being single? Is my mate growing with me? Am I settling for a life of mediocrity?  Am I trying hard enough?  When was the last time I laughed so hard I cried? Am I being kind? Is my life making an impact on others in a positive way? These questions should surface as you carve out this alone time for yourself, in addition to carving out time to respond to them.


Taking a trip by yourself gives you time to create and adhere to your own agenda. Taking a vacation alone forces you to check off one of your bucket list items and do something you have feared doing, maybe because of judgment from others. You can cut corners if you like, you can go ultra-pricey on stuff if you want, you can even just arrive and stay at the first bread & breakfast that catches your eye.


The only criteria I am going to place on this Vacation-of-One Plan is that you silence that inner voice detailing every reason you can’t do this. I am not even going to give the negative thoughts article space by mentioning a few. We shall only invite positive vibes in our planning and ultimate vacation destination. It has been too long since we put our needs first. And you may be thinking “well, actually isn’t a vacation alone a want?”, and I will 100% disagree with you; being alone and being able to strategically think about lives next steps, securing and thinking through a solid and workable Plan B, is indeed a NEED.


So go ahead, throw caution to the wind, go someplace you have seen on Instagram and thought ‘wow, that’s beautiful.’  Read the book, meet new people, have a threesome, turn your phone off for 24 hours, write in your journal, start a blog, take in new sights, create new memories, and feel alive in the present moment of your trip.


I know a few of you are balking at the idea of an alone vacation because you are married, partnered or dating exclusively. Here’s a helpful hint that will prove to be a win/win for all parties involved. Book YOUR solo vacation such that you still vacation together, but “your” part of the vacation is slated to be a few days before or a few days after – viola, problem solved.


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